Canada In addition to the massive Niagara Falls, the magnificent national park, experience the mountain maple leaves, the most not to be missed in Canada is to watch the aurora, then the Canadian Aurora season is at what time? What time is the best time in Canada? The following has been summarized for everyone good Canada Aurora travel Raiders, to a magnificent Aurora travel it.

Canada Aurora season, Canada to see Aurora month

From April to April of this year, the Northern Lights will appear from time to time in the sky of Canada’s northern region, swaying green, yellow, purple, orange, red, blue and other colors, changing the infinite shape, streamer Flashing, elegant waves, sometimes as festive fireworks fleeting, and sometimes hang the sky shine for several hours Sometimes mysteriously rippling above the horizon, sometimes with streamer flashing, forming a huge halo in the sky

General Aurora to watch the best time from December to the end of March, because it is a natural phenomenon, not every day there, so at least 3 days. But in the yellow knife town in August and September can see the northern aurora.

Canada Aurora to see the best observation of aurora

Whitehorse, YT

Baima is the capital of the Canadian Yukon Special Zone, can be taken by Vancouver domestic flights, belonging to the west coast to see the most aurora location. At the same time, Yukon there are many winter activities, such as dog sledding, snowmobile, ice fishing, sightseeing flights and other special events.


Northwest capitals of the capital of northwest. Located in the center of the Northern Lights, this area of ​​the Northern Lights is very close to the horizon, as if you can reach out, Huang knife town is the only one every year to have 250 nights / time to watch the northern lights, the world’s only Aurora tracking Observatory Also set here.

Churchill city

Canada’s northernmost town, already close to the Arctic Circle. Here is the capital of the polar bear, look at the aurora paradise. It is said that 300 days a year can see aurora. Churchill has three seasons: July, August and Winter. But for tourists, it has four: flowers and birds season, white whale season, polar bear season, the Northern Lights season.

Northern Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan’s aurora with green, yellow, blue or red waves will move throughout the northern sky. At the same time the local resort will be visitors to watch the aurora to provide a lot of traffic, room and board convenience.

Dawson City

Located in the west of British Columbia, compared to other cities in the province, the rainy weather will be less than some, so from the point of view of the aurora, Dawson City is a relatively easy to grasp the sunny sky to watch the aurora place.


The city of Alberta in the Alberta area of ​​Canada is located in the Aurora Belt, is the southernmost city of Canada to watch the aurora. During the Aurora Observation Season (September to April) is more advantageous than other well-known Aurora areas.

Come to Canada to travel, be sure to seize the opportunity to understand the Canadian Aurora season and Canada to see the Aurora month, watch the most wonderful landscape of nature.

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