Many people have been looking forward to the beloved and people to aurora tourism, but often did not do enough Raiders, and finally disappointed and return. Watch aurora, Canada is a very good choice, in order to let everyone have a good Aurora travel experience, the following for everyone to recommend the Canadian Aurora Tour itinerary, will not let your travels leave regret!

Canada Aurora tour recommended

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The origin of aurora

The northern lights are one of the most spectacular and beautiful natural wonders of nature. In the high latitudes (the Arctic and Antarctic), the atoms in the high-energy charged particles and the upper atmosphere (the thermal layer) from the magnetic layer and the solar wind The role of the Earth’s magnetic field by the huge electronic cloud produced bright bright green arc, sometimes accompanied by a red or pink edge, graceful and mysterious.

Look at the best time of the aurora

From April to April of this year, the Northern Lights will appear from time to time in the sky of Canada’s northern region, swaying green, yellow, purple, orange, red, blue and other colors, changing the infinite shape, streamer Flashing, elegant waves, and sometimes as festive fireworks fleeting, and sometimes hang the sky shine for several hours Sometimes mysterious waves above the horizon, and sometimes the streamer flashing in the sky to form a huge halo.

General Aurora to watch the best time for the end of December to the end of March, because it is a natural phenomenon, not every day there, so at least 3 days. But in the yellow knife town in August and September can see the northern lights

Look at the best observation of aurora

Whitehorse (YT)

White Horse City is the capital of the Canadian Yukon SAR, can be taken by Vancouver domestic flights, belonging to the west coast to see the most aurora the location of the aurora. At the same time, Yukon there are many winter activities, such as dog sledding, snowmobile, ice fishing, sightseeing flights and other special events.


Northwest capitals of the capital of northwest. Located in the northern Aurora halo center, this area of ​​the Northern Lights from the horizon very close, as if you can reach out, Huang knife town is the world’s only every year to have 250 nights / time to watch the Northern Lights, the world’s only Aurora Tracking Observatory Also set here.

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