Yellowstone,Canada is the most famous is aurora tourism,many people are attracted to the Aurora,but yellow knife town is not the only Aurora,there are many fun outdoor projects.Such as dog sledding,snowmobile riding,hot springs and so on,there are many unique food,will definitely be a very interesting tour,bring children together to experience the different styles of Huang Daozhen it!

Dog sledding

After enjoying a relaxing and quiet morning,join an overland dog pull-out car after noon and ride on the road under the leadership of the dog,crossing the forest tree.Third night enjoy the northern lights.

Ride a snowmobile

Snowmobiles are the most flexible and efficient means of transport on the snow and are easier to learn and grasp than common motorcycles.Yellow Knife has many forest path,full of fun!

Taste white fish

Aboriginal fishing in the big slaves to learn about the unique way of fishing—pull net fishing!First in the ice chisel an ice hole,remove the broken ice,and then a hook deep into the ice,ice pre-set Fishing nets,pull out the net,a big fish hanging on the Internet appeared.After fishing,you can also make a delicious lunch with loot.

Hot springs

After satiating,slip into the warm tub and admire the northern lights gleaming in the fog.Streamer flying,such as a silent sparkling fireworks in full bloom between the sky.

Watch the Northern Lights Tips

①ready skid waterproof warm snow shoes and hats,sunscreen items,sunglasses,swimwear.

②Canada’s winter is very cold,many people want to see the northern lights of winter and afraid of freezing,it is best to choose August to September to see the northern lights,when Huang Daozhen is the fall,there is no snow,you can go to the countryside Watch(can not be in town),so do not wait until after December to enjoy,August low can enjoy the charming northern lights.

③weather freeze(may be minus thirty degrees)do not want to miss the trip to the North Pole,this do not have to worry about Yellowknife there are many local tours have rental snow shoes and down coat service(but also CANADA GOOSE!A lot of Hollywood star),Do not have to spend money to buy new clothes,and do not have to go back after the return!And Huang Daozhen all indoor areas have heating,so only need to wear a coat outside is enough!A little warm pack can be)

Canada yellow knife town will eat restaurant

Zehabesha Traditional Ethiopian Food

Museum Café


Traders Grill

Thornton’s Wine&Tapas Room

Canada Yellowknife town suitable for children to eat the place to eat or very much,so do not worry oh.Bring the children,the path is recommended to participate in the Yellow Knife tour with the group,so you can rest assured to enjoy the beauty and food yellow knife town!

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