Canada is known as the “Maple Leaf of the country”, whether it is in the flag, food, place names are able to see the trace of maple leaves, so you can see the Canadian for Maple Leaf love and interest. Toronto is the best place to visit the maple, then the Toronto tour around the classic map of what? The following is a detailed introduction to Canada Maple Leaf popular viewing tour recommended, go to Toronto tours maple it ~

Canada Maple Leaf popular viewing tour recommended, Toronto, around the classic map of the line

1, High Park – Highland Park

High Park In addition to the beautiful cherry blossom, the best place to visit the maple leaf. High Park has a large maple forest, if the weekend, then nothing to High Park tours maple picnic should be a very good choice.

Address: 1873 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6R 2Z3

Route: High Park Located in the west of Toronto, Bloor Street West is located in the southwest corner of Parkside Drive. Take the TTC east-west subway, go west and get off at High Park.

2, Thomas J Bata Trail – Edward Park

There is a Thomas J Bata Trail in Edward Garden, a large maple forest, a bright red, large tracts of red, falling into the water, like a fairy tale in the fall. If you want to take a walk on the weekend, remember to walk in this path. In addition, remember something like squirrels like peanuts.

Address: 755 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, ON M3C 1P2

Directions: Edwards Gardens is located in the southwest corner of Lawrence’s Leslie and is accessible via TTC’s 51, 54 and 162.

3, St. Andrews Park

Many people have been driving through, is a good place to get out of the car, it is located in the Regal District Bayview folder York Mills area of ​​St.Andrews Park.

Algonquin Provincial Park – Algonquin Provincial Park

Algonquin Park is the largest and oldest and most famous country park in Ontario, 350 kilometers north of the city and is an important wild ecological reserve in the province. Every year the fall comes, here has become the maple leaf of the ocean, mountains and plains brown red maple leaves so that visitors feel as if the fairy tale world in general. September Maple Leaf a red or red and yellow beauty, will make you unable to stop.

Address: Superintendent, Algonquin Provincial Park, Box 219

Route: from Toronto along the Hwy 400 north, near the 102 exit Hwy 11 (note not to export at 102, after the 102 exit, Hwy 400 logo on the logo Hwy 11, take the left of the line is Hwy 11) , Then along the Hwy 11 north (on the way through the town of Gravenhurst), in the exit 223 (Huntsville town) for Hwy 60 east, you can open to Algonquin Provincial Park of Simon.

If you take the Hwy 35, you can stay along the Dorset, Minden and Haliburton; if you continue along the Hwy 60, then go through the Madawaska Valley to go south to go Hwy.62, you can take a look at Bancroft and Peterborough two To the autumn leaves. All about 480 km trip, driving about 2 hours.

Come to Toronto to visit the maple, the Toronto tour around the classic line of the map do not miss the oh, read to you to introduce the Canadian maple leaf popular viewing tour recommended, together to feel the charm of the maplele of Toronto ~

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