Canada will fall into the autumn will show a different style, do not have some romantic atmosphere, many people will come to Canada in the maple. The most prominent of the number of Vancouver, Canada, the most beautiful Maple Leaf Avenue, Tianfeng station red maple leaves, red light maple leaves and other scenes so that people indulge in pleasures without stop. What time is Vancouver’s time? Vancouver experience the beauty of Maple Leaf.

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Autumn is Canada’s most beautiful season, known as the maple leaf kingdom of Canada has the endless romantic ‘maple’ love. Canada has a large number of maple trees, every fall, mountains and trees everywhere or orange, or significant red, like a pile of burning bonfire. In mid-September in addition to the maple, but also mixed with maple, birch, maple red time later, Feng red season leaves green, plus birch purple, add a little romantic. September to October is the peak of red leaves, leaves will be 100 percent discoloration, is Canada’s best reward maple period.

1. Vancouver’s most beautiful Maple Leaf Avenue

Located on the streets of Ontario, Maple Leaf is known as the most beautiful leaf place in Vancouver. It is a lot of friends in the area who like photography to shoot red leaves every year. Generally selected in late October for the best time, maple leaf color is sometimes slightly changed, not intoxicating crimson, but the color is lighter, slightly pink, more charming and charming.

Location: Ontario street East 11 Ave, Vancouver

2. Deer Lake Park Maple (Deer Lake Park Maple)

On the Sperling Ave side of the park in the area of ​​Lake Benny, every autumn day, the maple leaves are so hot and beautiful. There are many visitors dedicated here to reward red maple, see leaves, view autumn scenery.

Location: Sperling Ave, Burnaby

3. Trout Lake Park (Trout Lake Park)

In the fall, driving slowly into the Trout Lake parking lot is a visual enjoyment, the road on both sides of the tall red maple tree for you to write the romantic autumn, the park there are other trees in the autumn when the time have to change color , The lake by the warm golden and dazzling red dotted with colorful eye-catching.

Location: 3300 Victoria Drive & E 15th Avenue, Vancouver

4.Burnaby library

From the Central Park close to the Burnaby library, every late in October, Maple Leaf becomes gorgeous eye-catching. From the Central Park is only one way across the Patterson day station, a few high-level next to the maple leaves always make people shines, where the maple leaves, you can also walk to the park, how comfortable?

Location: 6100 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby

5. Van Dusen Botanical Garden (VanDusen Botanical Garden)

The Van Dusen Botanical Garden is the most prestigious area in the Great Wens region. Every year in late autumn, here is the photographer lovers will go to the place. Botanical garden species have several ginkgo trees, golden leaves in no way inferior to the red maple leaves, beautiful scenery.

Location: 5251 Oak Street (37th & Oak St.) Vancouver

Patterson Station Patterson Station

By the end of October, there will always be a bright spot on the maple leaves next to the Patterson skyline station. There is only a way from Central Park. After watching the maple leaves, you can walk to the park. Is not it?

Location: Patterson Ave Bereford St, Burnaby

7. Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island not only summer outdoor sports let the kidneys hormone hurricane, autumn Vancouver Island unparalleled red leaves scenery is let people indulge in pleasures without stop. In addition to the island on the road scenery extraordinary, you can also take a seaplane to enjoy more spectacular scenery.

8. Queen Elizabeth Park (Queen Elizabeth Park)

As the second largest park in Vancouver, Queen Elizabeth’s autumn scene can be said to be unparalleled. There are many varieties of maple trees in the park, and the date of the map can last throughout the month. In addition to maple, the other trees in the park landscape is also a big surprise, want to see the red, green, and golden yellow fusion of the scenery, then to Queen Elizabeth Park.

Canada autumn autumn maple is a good choice, mountains and leaves like color Xia, layering make dye; red maple, dark golden poplar and white birch, will render nature into a beautiful picture in front of you, beautiful, this time Vancouver Canada can take the time you must not miss the time Oh

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