Due to its unique geographical location, Huangdao has become the best place to see Canadian aurora. Most of the tourists who come to Yellowknife in Canada are going to Aurora. So when is the best time for aurora in Yellowknife in Canada? Yellow knife to watch the northern lights need to have what conditions? Come in depth to understand it.

Yellowknife can also be translated as yellowknife, is the capital of northwestern Canada, is a famous town to see Aurora. Yellow Knife town is located in the northern coast of the slaves, was a gold town, is now a tourist town.

Yellow Knife town is the capital of northwestern Canada, with a population of just over 20000 people. Although its population is small, it has a very important strategic location since ancient times. July 2011 Crown Prince William and Princess Kelly visited the Yellowknife town, causing the world’s media attention in the city.

Canada is the closest country to the North Pole and the only Northern Lights point of observation in the world that can easily be reached by land. Compared to the Fairbanks, known as the “Polaris Capital” in Alaska, Yellowknife is flatter and allows the Aurora to be viewed without obstruction. Huang Daozhen is located at 62.3 ° c north latitude, only 200 kilometers away from the Arctic Circle.

Huang Daozhen about 200 days a year to enjoy the Northern Lights, the general stay 3 nights to see the probability of up to 95% of northern lights, therefore, come here almost all for the “Aurora”, as the Is witnessed this fantastic dream of nature’s light!

The best time to watch aurora is generally near the equinox time, especially in September is relatively warm temperature is very suitable, December Christmas holidays can see more frequent aurora, but also can not feel the real white Christmas. Sunrise in the winter at about 9 o’clock, more than 3 o’clock in the afternoon, due to less light time, the extreme cold.

There are three best conditions to watch the northern lights at close range:

1, must be below the aurora ring.

2, the Aurora ring appears at 60 to 70 degrees north latitude, the most blazing location for 64 degrees, Huang Daozhen is located at 62.3 degrees north latitude, is the world’s highest latitude cities, unique geographical location.

3, the aurora height of 100 km to 500 km, all over the different locations, but Huang Daozhen Aurora from the location of less than 50 km can be seen at your fingertips.

Know the best time in Canada Huang Daozhen Aurora, I believe we have started planning the Huangguzhen Aurora travel, the better friends, bring family, to enjoy the most wonderful, most warm aurora trip.

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