Yellow Knife town is Canada’s best aurora tourism,a unique beauty of aurora in the sky unscrupulous sway,forming a beautiful landscape.So when is the best time for aurora in Yellowknife in Canada?In addition to watching the Aurora,what fun entertainment?After reading this Yellowknife Aurora Raiders,you will have more understanding.

Yellow Knife Aurora Tourism

The origin of Aurora

Northern Lights are one of the most spectacular and beautiful wonders of nature in the sky.At high latitudes(Arctic and Antarctic),due to the interaction of energetic charged particles from the magnetosphere and the solar wind with the atoms in the upper atmosphere(heat layer)Through the Earth’s magnetic field,the giant electron cloud produces a bright and gorgeous green arc,sometimes accompanied by red or pink edges,graceful and mysterious.

Yellow knife to see the best time Aurora

September to April next year,the Northern Lights will appear from time to time in Canada under the sky in the extreme northern region,swaying green,yellow,purple,orange,red,blue and other colors,infinite variety of shapes,streamer Blinking,elegant waves,and sometimes festivals like fireworks fleeting,and sometimes hang up the sky shine a few hours.Sometimes mysteriously rippling above the horizon,and sometimes flashing in the sky,forming a huge halo in the sky.

The best aurora viewing time is from December to the end of March,because it is a natural phenomenon,not every day,so at least 3 days.However,in August and September yellow knife can see the northern lights.

Canada to see the best observation aurora


Northwest Special Economic Zone,Canada-yellow knife town.Located in the center of the northern aura of light,the northern lights in this area is very close to the horizon,as if to reach out to encounter,Huang Daozhen is the world’s only 250 nights/time to watch the Northern Lights,the world’s only aurora tracking Observatory Also set here.


White Horse City is the capital of Canada Yukon Territory,Vancouver can take the domestic flight to go to belong to the West Coast to see the northernmost point of the Aurora.At the same time,Yukon also has many winter activities such as dog sledding,snowmobiles,ice fishing and sightseeing flights.

Yellow knife to see other activities Aurora

1,a dynamic explorer,may wish to control a dog sled,so that the northern lights of the road ahead;

2,like a comfortable exotic,you can try the wilderness viewing platform;

3,driving a snowmobile or even a snowmobile,expedition during the day,enjoy the local venison feast with the Northern Lights at night,tasting the North Pole hot salmon or barracuda food from Ice Lake;

4,while soaked in open-air hot springs,while watching the aurora changes in the sky Seduction;

5,couples can speak out each other’s vows in the northern lights shine,exchange rings,extremely romantic.

Yellow Knife Aurora tips

Watch the season:the best season is of course the winter,polar winter in the very night,is the best environment to enjoy the Aurora.If purely aurora,winter is best,but if you want to participate in more activities,you need to have a certain sunshine hours.

Clothing Preparation:Non-slip waterproof warm snow shoes and hats,sunscreen items,sunglasses,swimwear.

Weather:As much rain as possible in the local time to go,Aurora about 100 km from the ground generated,so the dark clouds will be very bad for the Aurora.

Impact of the Moon:The moonlight is strong and has some influence on viewing and shooting.So try to avoid watching when it’s full.

Aurora Forecast:Download the app(Aurora Forecast)The Aurora Index is divided into ten levels(0-9)and is called kp.With a minimum apolar index at kp=0,it is almost impossible to see the aurora,while kp=9 gives the highest aurora index and the largest range.General kp=3 have a good chance of seeing the emergence of Aurora.

Huang Daozhen is definitely a very good choice for viewing aurora,yellow knife in the town before the trip,do a good job in advance to know the best time in Canada Huang Daozhen Aurora,climate conditions,etc.,so that your trip can be more smooth Oh!

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