It is 2017 “Lonely Planet” (Lonely Planet)

Selected by the top ten best travel destinations

Topped – Canada

It has magical creatures of nature, fairyland to the suffocation of the National Park – Banff and Yohe

It also owns NASA as NASA

The world’s most suitable place to see aurora — yellow knife town

If you can be in it, you will feel it

Incredible beauty!

Yellow Knife Aurora Tourism Raiders

Why go to Canada Huang Daozhen to see Aurora?

Location: Known as Yellowknife, Yellowknife is the capital of Northwest Canada and is 400 kilometers from the Arctic Circle, the capital of the world’s far north.

Yellowknife is North America’s main aurora observatory inside the nearest place from the Arctic Circle, which means that in the Yellow Knife to see the Aurora feel closer, the effect is more shocking, see the color may also be more abundant!

Aurora is not seen as the better Vietnam, it will only appear in an aura with the inside, and Huang Daozhen is located in the middle of this aura with the addition of here or at least visually obstructed the city, so known as the whole The best place to watch the Aurora in the world.

Huang Daozhen the darling of the earth, a year is up to more than 240 days to see the Aurora, higher than the famous Quartet Alaska!

Go yellow knife to catch aurora tips

Preparation: You can find the Aurora Forecast Index on the ➡️

The best season chasing aurora distribution in November to April, and these months in Canada is cold burst it! So, the clothes should be thick and warm.

Yellow Knife Aurora Tourism

Before the line of clothing and equipment

Hat + scarf + gloves

Ski glasses

Thermal underwear, fleece jacket, down ski suits

Warm pants, ski pants

Warm stockings

Waterproof ski boots

Have you been to paradise on earth?

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