Vancouver is a must-see for traveling in Canada and you will be able to feel the calm and comfort of Vancouver with a few days of play here, so Vancouver is one of the cities you can not miss. Then come to Canada, of course, can not miss the yellow knife tour of the Aurora, came to Vancouver to travel better than Huangdao town to feel the Aurora spectacle. Then how long is driving from Vancouver yellow knife town? What have to have along the way have to play the tourist attractions? Canada depth travel fun together.

How far away from Vancouver to drive Huang Daozhen

From Vancouver to Yellowknife, the road is about 2300 kilometers (one way) and the net driving time is about 25 hours (without traffic jams). Consider taking a break from the road and avoiding driving at night, with a minimum of two days in one way. If you consider the tour along the way, depending on the number of attractions to see, whether the way and other factors plus time. The advantage of driving is freedom, walking while playing, very taboo hurry hurry, so the time should be arranged as loosely as possible.

When I first saw the Canadian aurora in the picture, I did not believe it was true. I always thought that this should be the result of the picture synthesis. As time goes by, more places to go, see a lot of unique attractions, I slowly believe that there are many in the world do not go see the scenery is not really imagine the wonders of those who bring the shock. Finally, after countless plans, we traveled from Vancouver to Yellowknife. Huang Daozhen geographical location just in the Northern Lights halo center, so see aurora not this place can not.

Travel from Vancouver to Yellowknife generally has two purposes, one for the scenery, two for the food. The purpose of this time is mainly the scenery, to enrich my blank brain, so that they will not seem too illiterate. From Vancouver to Yellowknife airport, in order to save time safely and effectively do not detours and convenient, we reported a local tour group, the Japanese open. Many people who come here choose this mode of transport because of the destination where dogs and sleds go. Of course, some people who love dogs think it will be too cruel to dogs or will they find other means of transportation. Unexpectedly, this speed is very fast, I feel a bit slippery past, really quite exciting. Canada Tours here have to mention here the weather, can only be described as very cold. For us who grew up in the southern part of the motherland, this temperature was overwhelming and the chill trembled. The clothes we bring simply can not compete with the weather here, so the tour group also helped us to arrange rental clothes.

We were arranged to look at the aurora in a very open plain, surrounded by woods, snow-capped, a pedestrian surrounded by fire in the cabin heating, waiting for the emergence of aurora. You can also eat and chat, I feel very comfortable, very excited, we have been discussing when Aurora appears, ready to shoot the camera. Horizons on the ground well, sharpness is also high, sky full of stars on our heads, looked up, always want to be able to see through the sky with the naked eye, to see how far the stars are from us, the stars can not be quiet With a smile, blink to us, say hello. Yellow knife town in addition to looking aurora, the ecological environment protection is very good, you can watch a lot of wildlife.

Waiting for the Aurora to appear, a touch of green dots spread to the periphery, light green a little thicker, green. This is almost all people hold their breath to see the emergence of aurora, followed by some people could not help but startled, take pictures. When placing yourself in this environment, there is always a bit less convinced that this is a fact, always feeling sleepwalking. Aurora is flowing, the color from light green to fluorescent green, across the sky at both ends. We have seen this good luck this time. Some people have not seen a few times. Should we understand this as our fate?

Yellow Knife has its unique beauty, quiet and peaceful, thick snow covered with silence pure. Due to the time, we did not stay in the city for too long, but I think I will come back again. At that time, I will find ample time waiting for more in Huangdao Town. Aurora once.

Yellow Knife town is a aura of aurora tourist destination, driving from Vancouver yellow knives town how far I believe we have some understanding. Enjoy the fun while enjoying the ecstasy of the world.

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