Toronto is Canada’s largest city, here is also the most economically developed city in North America, so this diversified tourist city also let a lot of people long for it, then Toronto will play what are the tourist attractions? What is the best time to travel in Toronto? A guide to Toronto’s in-depth travel guide, lulutrip, has been prepared for everyone to take a look at this fantastic multiplex city.

Toronto deep tour will play attractions

Niagara Waterfall

Niagara Falls is the world’s largest transnational waterfall, with Iguazu Falls, Victoria Falls and known as the world’s three major transnational waterfalls. Niagara Falls has always been to attract people to this honeymoon, tightrope walk across the waterfall or ride a cascade waterfall.

Royal Ontario Museum

As Toronto’s largest museum, there are as many as 6 million items in the Royal Ontario Museum, but its appeal is not limited to this: it is a less serious museum. Children often gather in the bat cave, performance area, but also hands-on practice and increase knowledge.

Toronto Islands

The Toronto Archipelago was once a peninsula, on the southern coast of Toronto. A strong storm in 1858 created the archipelago. Just 15 minutes by ferry from the city center harbor, you can admire the beautiful skyline of Toronto. There are three main islands in the Toronto Archipelago (up to 4.8 km), with just 300 families. From the residential Ward’s Island to Hanlan’s Point’s nudibranch, you can choose to walk, bike or paddle (with rental services available throughout).

Eaton Center

Even if you do not want to shop, Toronto’s largest shopping mall Eaton Center is also worth a visit. Although it has been 40 years old, the Eaton Center still attracts 50 million tourists a year.

CN Tower in Toronto

The Tallest Communication Tower in the World The CN Tower in Toronto was built in 1976 and is 553 meters high. It is a famous symbol of Canada and an important symbol of Toronto’s cityscape.

Toronto deep tour

Toronto, the best time for in-depth travel

Toronto, Canada, the best time to travel in January the average temperature of -6.7 ℃, July is 20.5 ℃, all year round suitable for travel, mild climate, from November to September, Toronto autumn, maple leaf dress, is the gold tourist season.

Toronto deep-fried food recommended

Toronto is a multicultural city, which is also evident in its food culture. Toronto has great restaurants of all races. There are many dazzling Chinese restaurants along Spadina Streets and University Street, as well as Indian restaurants and high-rated Italian restaurants. Greek, French and western Indian cooking techniques are also very representative.

Hungarian food (the staple food of many students) can be eaten in fifty-six humble restaurants on the side of Brewer Street near Bathurst Street. Chinese restaurants in Chinatown dishes snacks, frugal already. Food choices include the Cora’s Breakfast and Lunch, Toronto’s home-style Canadian cuisine and the lovely French restaurant Matignon in the heart of the city. Other exotic cuisines include Izakaya (Japanese), DHABA (Indian), Sultan’sTent (Moroccan) and Penelope (Greek). Metro Toronto has two major subway routes. The first is the Yonge-University-Spadina line centered on the entire urban area, surrounded by a U-shaped north and south and the other is the Bloor-Dantorth line centered on the urban area. The two routes are respectively linked at Bloor / Yonge Station, St. George Station and Spadina Station at a cost of $ 2.1. Token Tokens that can be used for cash or car vouchers. It should be noted that in cash, to bring their own change, because do not find any change. Or you can buy Token tokens. More to buy more cost-effective. You can buy it at the ticket vending machine at the station or at the salesperson in the ticket booth.

Bus & Tram

Toronto’s buses and streetcars are well-distributed. Bus stop has a red font logo stop sign, very obvious. And the same as the subway, when the money on the car first, if you need to change the car to inform the driver, take a car voucher. Get off as long as the bell can be, but need to pay attention to the car will not broadcast the next stop’s station name, so you must be very careful. Streetcars also need to pay attention to the route along the route. The coin-handling method is basically the same as that of a bus.


Spring: Toronto’s spring is the most anticipated. Tourists can enjoy the early spring sunshine when the temperature rises above 10 degrees Celsius (60 degrees Fahrenheit).

Summer: Summer is hot and humid. The temperature is between 16-27 degrees Celsius (61-68 degrees Fahrenheit) and sometimes rises to 32-35 degrees Celsius. Beach, parks and outdoor cafes are tourist favorite places, very lively.

Autumn: Autumn leaves began to change color, all over the mountains are red, orange, yellow, green, intense colors. Cool and comfortable climate, sunny, hanging out in the city center, or day trips to the outskirts of the city, are a good choice.

Winter: January temperatures will be between -8 and -1 degrees Celsius (18-31 degrees Fahrenheit). However, the winter in Toronto is still vibrant and visitors can choose to skate or ski. There are also many festivals this season.

Toronto is a very livable city, and many people will choose to immigrate to Toronto, so a beautiful city worth a visit for you to enjoy. If there is time, it is better to organize a tour of Toronto, relax your body and mind.

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