Toronto is the world’s most suitable for livable city,not only beautiful environment,the air is pleasant,but also has a lot of classic fun place,about friends came to Toronto free travel is also a very good choice.Toronto tourist attractions Raiders have been prepared for everyone,take a look at Toronto,you can not miss the classic tourist attractions it.

Toronto tourist attractions

Toronto has a proud urban landscape,including the world’s third highest independent building,one of the modern wonders of the Canadian National TV Tower,the beautiful and charming Lake Ontario,the numerous lakeside corridors and numerous world-renowned architects in Toronto Leaving the generous.

Canada National Tower CN Tower

Canada National Television Tower 553.33 meters high,from top to bottom by the base,viewing platform,”the sky cover”and the antenna tower 4 parts.Is the world’s tallest metal ladder,becoming the city’s most beautiful landscape,but also the landmark of Toronto.

Toronto New Town Hall 

The Toronto City Hall area consists of two old and new town halls across the street.The new town hall was built in 1965 and is located in the heart of the city.Its shape is like a shell,composed of two curved buildings,surrounded by the arch of the city council building.

Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo is Canada’s largest zoo,which houses more than 500 species of elephants,lions,monkeys and polar bears,about 5,000 animals.The rainforest gorilla in the zoo is North America’s largest indoor orangutan pavilion.There are interactive children’s zoos in the park,enjoy the water park and enjoy the water show and watch the show.

Toronto Chinatown

There are six Chinatowns in the Greater Toronto area,with the most lively Chinatown at the junction of Spadina and Dundas.Looking around,signs everywhere,all kinds of Chinese snacks spread around,people seem to be in the old Hong Kong.Here Cantonese dessert is well known,you can also buy high quality American ginseng.

Casa Loma Castle 

Casablanca Castle is a very striking building in downtown Toronto,the oldest castle in Canada.Here you can feel the elegance of the European castle and magnificent,walking in the castle on the crashed wooden floor,looking at the silence on both sides of the medieval armor,people feel as if the time back in the body More than a hundred years ago among the giants of the house.

Art Gallery of Ontario

The Ontario Art Museum in downtown Toronto is the eighth largest art museum in North America and one of Canada’s three most famous art galleries.The museum collection of more than 80,000,the time span from the year 100 years to date.The collection includes the largest collection of works of art in Canada,as well as works of art from the Renaissance to the Baroque period,European art,African art,ocean art,and contemporary art.

Toronto Island

The island of Toronto is a series of small islands in Lake Ontario,refreshing from the city center to escape the beauty of Lake Ontario.There are endless lawns,white sandy beaches and a large summer amusement park.The island prohibits the passage of motor vehicles,but there are rental bicycles and boats services.

Intends to travel friends,Toronto tourist attractions will not let you down,Toronto more fun spots waiting for you to come!

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