Vancouver is a world famous tourist city, Vancouver is not only economically developed, here is a pleasant climate, comfortable environment, is a very suitable for livable city, so attract more and more people to travel to Vancouver. What are the tourist attractions of Vancouver, Canada? How can Vancouver travel it plan? Here come together into Vancouver, take a look at this glorious international metropolis!

NO.1 Stanley Park & ​​Vancouver Aquarium (park)

Stanley Park is the most famous park in Vancouver. There is a 8.8 km long path in the park that surrounds the park for slow, cycling or roller skating. There are about 2.5 million people using this path every year. North America’s largest city park is also the world’s most famous park one. In 1888, the park was officially opened, named after Sir David Stanley’s name. Come here, please forget to plan the travel time in advance, just walk them, even if only 5 minutes, you will experience the idle and comfortable local life.

Vancouver Aquarium in Stanley Park, is not only Canada’s largest aquarium, while one of the top five aquariums in North America. Watch the world of precious marine animals. There are murder whales, white whales, colorful tropical fish, plants of the Amazon, monkeys and birds.

Recommended reason: look at the beautiful scenery, indulge them, unknowingly around the park a circle away 8 km! Meat disappeared in the unconsciously. There are also the largest aquarium in Canada.

NO.2 Capilla Park Bridge

Vancouver’s oldest tourist attraction. The park has been known as the world’s greatest suspension bridge, a total length of 450 feet, when the wind swept the valley when the suspension bridge will swing sound, quite like people’s laughter, it is also known as “laugh bridge.” The largest suspension bridge in the 70 meters high altitude of the original forest, through which the birds circled in the side, as if with the natural integration. Under the bridge of the river from time to time kayaking down the river at the foot of the air show the old trees. If you are lucky, you can stay on the rainbow!

Recommended reason: In addition to its fame, here is the courage to challenge the place. Only the courage to see others can not see the beautiful scenery. There are large and small all kinds of suspension bridge.

NO.3 Vancouver View Tower

Vancouver View is the best stop for Vancouver. Here you can enjoy the 360 ​​degree panorama, grasp the city’s profile, understand the basic situation of Vancouver and all kinds of anecdotes. On a clear day, Baker Hill in Washington State is clearly visible. From the street ground to the transparent glass elevator to the 50-storey view of the tower, only less than 50 seconds. There are professional staff to take you around the viewing tower around a circle to explain the direction of the landscape.

Recommended reason: night lighthouse to see the night, beautiful scenery do not want it!

NO.4 Gates Township

GAS (gas) transliteration of the town, is Vancouver’s oldest neighborhood. As the birthplace of Vancouver and civilization, and now this is a piece of the 19th century in the district area. Where the streets of a stone laying, set up at the intersection of the steam clock is the sign here, every 15 minutes from the steam pipe will be issued a whistle sound. There are a lot of great street performers in the whole street.

Recommended reason: to South Korea to find Jiangnan style, then to Vancouver must feel the style of the town.

NO.5 Canada Place

Canada Place is known for its landmarks in Vancouver, attracting countless visitors every day to take pictures. It was originally a complex facility for the construction of the 1996 World Exposition, including conference center, cruise ship terminal, pan-Pacific hotel, restaurant and so on. Especially with five white sails cover the main display field, very eye-catching.

Recommended reason: how can landmarks miss!

Vancouver, Canada is a diversified city, Canada Vancouver tourist attractions are varied, come to Vancouver tourism will not let you down. Planning a Vancouver tourist routes, to a special wonderful travel it ~

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