Vancouver Rocky Mountain is Canada’s best place to travel. The scenery here affects every traveler’s heart, not only because of the unique beauty of Rocky Mountain, but also because it is not a lot of fun entertainment projects, but it is a shock to the world. The natural landscape, like a wonderful work of a magician, reveals the beauty of nature. If you come to the Rocky Mountain, you need to prepare in advance a Vancouver Rocky Mountain tour guide, your holiday will be complete!

The best time to visit Rocky Mountain:

On the whole, because the Rocky Mountain is an alpine climate zone, it is greatly affected by the terrain. The average annual temperature is only about 6 degrees Celsius, and the annual temperature is very poor. The hottest month in summer is July, and the average temperature is close to 30 degrees Celsius. The coldest time appeared in January and the average temperature was only minus 14 degrees Celsius. Although the climate of Rocky Mountain is relatively complex, it seems difficult to grasp. In fact, the distribution pattern of latitude and vertical zonality of climate has obvious transitional characteristics. The best tourist season in the Rocky Mountains is July-September, if you like skiing, go in January.

Vancouver Rocky Mountain Tourism Route:

Day1 Home – Vancouver

Go to Attractions: Chinatown – Gastown – Stanley Park

Day2 Vancouver – Kelowna – Revelstoke (approximately 750 kilometers by car and about 8.5 hours by car)

Go to attractions: Okanagan Lake

Day 3 Revelstoke – Golden Town – Japser National Park – Banff [About 500 km by car, approx. 5.5 hours by car]

Go to attractions: Bow Lake – Athabasca Glacier – Columbia Icefield Center – Glacier Skywalk

Day4 Banff – Lake Lousie – The Bow River Falls – Salmon Arm 【About 400 km by car, approx. 4.5 hours by car】

Go to attractions: Bow River Falls Lake Louise Lake Moraine Lake The last nail monument

Day5 Salmon – Kamloops – Vancouver [about 470 km by car, approx. 5 hours by car]

Go to attractions: Kamloops – Ginseng Factory

Day6 Victoria Tour (about 250 km by car and about 7 hours by car)

Go to Attractions: Victoria Provincial Parliament Building – Victoria Chinatown – Victoria Harbour – Bouchard Garden

Day7 Victoria – Duncan – Chemainus Town – Vancouver [about 195 km by car, approx. 4.5 hours by car]

Go to attractions: Denkenburg – Summers Town – Nanaimo

Day8 Vancouver – Whistler – Vancouver [about 240 km by car, approx. 3.5 hours by car]

Go to attractions: Whistler

Day9 Vancouver – Home of The Home (Home)

Rocky Mountain is a beautiful landscape in Canada. It is also a place to visit here. With such a detailed tour of Rocky Mountain in Vancouver, what are you still worried about? If you have not been to this magical place to witness the beauty of the world, it is better to come here once.

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