Vancouver,Canada is not only economically developed,and the air is pleasant,beautiful environment,tourist attractions is also very much,is a very suitable for living in the city.So every year there are countless people to travel to Vancouver,Vancouver,what fun place?What are the attractions of Vancouver Travel?This is to travel to Vancouver free travel need to do a good job ahead of Raiders,the following together to find out,easily travel Vancouver~

1,Stanley Park and Lions Gate Bridge

The Stanley Park,which covers an area of​​more than 3,000 mothers,is one of the world’s most famous parks in Central Park,virgin forests,lakes and rolling beaches.Connected to Vancouver and North Gate of the Lions Gate Bridge,close to Stanley Park,across the sea,Stanley Park and Lions Gate Bridge together constitute a magnificent Vancouver portal.From the city by 19 bus up to Stanley Park.

2,Canada Place&Coal Habour

Canada Square and the coal port along the Vancouver is the annual celebration of the Canadian National Day(July 1)place,but also cruise,seaplane,crane,ferry intersection of the hub;Vancouver landmarks such as sailing hotel,air revolving restaurant,New conference center,all in this area,the huge Olympic torch also stayed here to become a permanent exhibition of monuments.Take any transport to the Waterfront stop.

3,gas town(Gastown)

Gastown is the most historic place in the young city of Vancouver,wandering in the neighborhood of Vancouver’s city,and it is a favorite for tourists.Take any car to the city center Waterfront station,go east along W Cordova Street,turn right at Water Street.

4,Queen’s Park(Queen Elizabath Park)

Located between 37th Street and 33th Street,Queen’s Park between Cambie and Main is one of the most beautiful scenic spots in Vancouver.Every spring,dozens of huge cherry trees in the park are in full bloom,not less than Kyoto in Japan.The high ground of the park overlooks Vancouver and the north shore of the mountain,is a tourist attraction must not miss the classic attractions.Take the Canada Line to the King Edward stop and walk south along Canbie Street for 5 minutes.

5,Fuxi Creek&Science World(False Creek&Science World)

The scenic False Creek is surrounded by the National Plaza,BC Place and the Science Museum,the Olympic Village and other public buildings.It is the World Expo in Vancouver in 1986 and the Winter Olympics in 2010.The core area,the two events,for the world to show the beauty of Vancouver.Skytrain Get off at the Science World.

6,British Bay and Brad Bridge(English Bay&Burrard Bridge)

The English Bay,which is popular with Vancouver residents,is famous for its surrounding beaches and walks along the old town of Brad,where you can taste and love the locals.The area’s attractions also include the nearby public market of Granville Island,sitting on the wooden chair on the island to enjoy the sunset from the British Bay and Brad Bridge slowly sank into the sea,is a true Enjoy this trip.2,22,17 Road and other multi-class bus up to.

7,Chinatown(China Town)

Vancouver’s Chinatown is one of the tallest Chinatowns in North America and one of the most characteristic Chinatowns:both the rare Chinese-style Jiangnan Park in North America-Zhongshan Park and the world’s only official free drug injection house.Chinese history in Canada To be tracked here.3 bus or skytrain Chinatown station.

8,the University of British Columbia and the celestial beaches(UBC&Wreck Beach)

University of British Columbia is Canada’s leading university,in addition to her teaching quality and graduate employment is ideal,the university paradise-like beauty,is its most famous place.Close to the Wreck Beach is the world’s top 10 beautiful celestial beaches,school summer before the University of British Columbia,many female college students to decorate the celestial body beauty boundless.In addition,the biggest feature of this beach is not to restrict any visitors to visit.Take the 99 bus express bus,or 4,9,17,25,33,41,43,44,49 and other buses can be reached.

Come to Vancouver,Canada,must not miss Vancouver tourism will visit,Vancouver fun place is very much.If you have time to spend more time in Vancouver for some time,to a Vancouver depth travel is also very good Oh!

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