Oahu Hawaii has beautiful scenery and is a great spot to visit, but many people wonder how easy it is to travel on Oahu Island, Hawaii. In fact, Oahu Island traffic than other islands in Hawaii is the most convenient, especially the Oahu bus lines are also many. lulutrip has been summarized for everyone Hawaii Oahu Bus Raiders, will give you the best pleasure of the journey.

Hawaii Oahu Bus Raiders

Oahu said the traffic is convenient, in fact, more specifically, the city center of Oahu – Honolulu’s convenient traffic. Give you a little knowledge of science, Honolulu, the city’s real name is called Honolulu Honolulu transliteration, the reason why Honolulu is because Honolulu-rich sandalwood, and many are shipped to China, the Chinese Kindly called Honolulu.

First, The Bus bus

The Bus is part of the Honolulu Public Transport Agency and has a wide variety of routes. Basically, the attractions and shopping areas on Oahu Island can be linked to. Bus stop sign marked “TheBus”, but also marked the line number, but unlike the domestic bus stop, Hawaii is not a specific route, you need to check the line online. Waikiki’s site is the most intensive, not afraid to encounter the bus station.

The Bus sells many types of tickets, including regular adult tickets, youth tickets, children’s tickets, 4-day passes, monthly passes, one-year passes and more. Adult ticket (one-way) $ 2. 5, 4-day ticket price $ 35, 4 consecutive days can be unlimited bus ride, the monthly ticket price $ 60, in the following three places to buy tickets:

① ABC Store convenience store

Address: All stores in Honolulu area and Alamuna Mall

② 7-Eleven convenience store



TheBus bus office

Address: 611 Middle Street Honolulu, Hawaii 96819


① buy tickets prepared in advance, change, the driver is not looking for change. The front door to buy tickets.

② Hawaii’s bus is free to transfer once. If you want to transfer, with the driver say “Transfer, please”, the driver will charge the first paragraph transfer ticket. In the ticket indicated in the effective time transfer

③ there is no car broadcast, to pull the rope on the window when the station to remind the driver to get off, get off, the door is not automatically open, to manually open the door.

Hawaii Oahu Bus Raiders

Second, Waikiki Trolley sightseeing car

This is an open-top tourist car unique to Oahu in Hawaii. There are two models, one is a single-storey retro-style sightseeing car with a wooden frame and the other is a double-decker modern sightseeing car with an iron frame. Waikiki Trolley’s route is less The Bus, with just 5 routes, connecting major landmarks and shopping districts on Oahu Hawaii, mostly in Honolulu.

①Pink Line leisure shopping routes: one-way fare $ 2, 10 minutes a bus, full 1 hour, through the major shopping malls and hotels.

②Red Line historical attractions routes: one-way fare $ 23, 50 minutes a bus, the entire 100 minutes, passing through the historic buildings in Honolulu, Hawaii attractions.

③ Green Line Scenic Route: one-way fare $ 23,35 minutes a bus, the entire 70 minutes, mainly around Hawaii Diamond Head Mountain sightseeing route.

④ Blue Line Coastal Tour Routes: One-way fare $ 23, three-bus daily, full 2.5 hours along the southeastern coastline of Oahu Island, Hawaii.

⑤Purple Line Pearl Harbor route: a one-way fare $ 23,20 minutes a bus.

Third, the taxi

There are not many taxis in Hawaii, but relatively speaking, more taxis will be available on the island of Oahu, but it is rare to see it on the road. Oahu’s taxis will basically be concentrated in the airport, business district, where there is a taxi stop, there will be a yellow sign, says “TAXI.” Taxis in Hawaii There are several companies in operation, so the roof is not placed on the brand name “TAXI”, but the company name. The starting price is $ 3.5 and tips are 15% of the fare. If there is luggage, a tip of $ 1 per piece of luggage is required.

From Honolulu Airport to Waikiki Beach, the fare is about $ 50 or so (340RMB), which is higher than a pickup carpool and no more than 80RMB for a carpool pick-up. And taxis also need to book in advance (with the hotel reservation can), otherwise it is likely to wait for the car. So if you have to consider the cost of transportation costs, you can choose carpool pick up.

Fourth, the bike

Friends who love outdoor sports can choose to ride a bike to play Hawaii. Spending half a day or a day, riding a bike, along the coast of Hawaii Oahu is also a very comfortable thing. Stop and go, depends entirely on their own feelings, small bike, easy to park, unlike cars, see a landscape have to find a parking space. Walking with friends, along the way there are talking and laughing accompanied by the scenery, even lazy people such as Xiaobian, have to say, is a very good memory. Ride on a good rental bike, you can start your journey, you can design a good trip in advance, you can also arbitrary chaos, but the premise is to remember the way back. Car rental office will provide the map.

Five, motorcycle

Motorcycles have the same rental locations as bicycles and are also “2570 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815, USA”. Relatively speaking, the motorcycle is more energy-efficient, and can go farther, but the price will naturally be more expensive than bicycles.

Travel routes can be developed, you can also refer to some travel itinerary, here Xiaobian provide a simple day trip route: Car Rental – Waikiki Beach – Diamond Head Mountain – Dinosaur Bay – Macapuk Lighthouse – Kai Road Sub-town.

Six chartered

One of the easiest and quickest ways to get around Oahu, Hawaii is by chartering a car. Although it is more expensive than the Waikiki Trolley and The Bus, there is a driver dedicated to serving you and half a tour guide.

Tips: Finally, to say a little tip, go to unfamiliar places, even if prepared beforehand, or there will be a phenomenon of wrong or lost, so the most direct and most economical way – to ask people. When asked, be honest and courteous, with or without help, or thank those who are willing to help.

After reading the Oahu Island, Hawaii bus Raiders, you also feel the traffic here is not it? If you still have some worries, it is better to follow the road trip to Hawaii, let you travel easily.

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