Oahu,Hawaii beauty of nature is needless to say,even more people have longing for Oahu specialties,Oahu delicious food,but what are?Lulutrip today for everyone to introduce Hawaii Oahu Hawaii cuisine,travel to Oahu must not miss it.

Hawaii,Hawaii Oahu cuisine

1.Luau feast

Luau”Luau”is a traditional Hawaiian-style banquet.Without a first-hand experience,Hawaii’s first sightseeing trip is not complete.The sumptuous meals include roast pork,lau lau(beef,pork,chicken or fish steamed with banana leaves)and poi(a Polynesian staple made of taro).Many Luau treats also invite Samurai fire dancers and the fascinating Tahitian dancers to highlight the Polynesian style.

Hawaiian noodles

Hawaiian noodles taste like Chinese noodle soup.Face as a soft egg noodles,cook some curly.Soup with fish soup or shrimp soup,soup with green onions,greens or cabbage,toppings can choose Japanese fish cake,pork,lunch meat or Portuguese sausage,seaweed films and so on.The Like Like Drive Inn on Oahu has been officially designated as a historic attraction by the state government of Hawaii.

3,shaved ice

A cone ice cream filled with crushed smoothies,topped with a variety of colorful spices.This cool dessert is served in Haleiwa and Kapahulu.It is also one of Obama’s favorite dishes.

Oahu features lunch car:

Decades,Oahu’s lunch truck called Hawaiian-style food stalls,has always been the choice of civilians.Diverse trucks filled local traders,hungry surfers and wage earners in all walks of life.In recent years,with the rise of the nationwide gourmet truck boom,four-wheel diners have emerged all over the island.From traditional lunch trucks selling gourmet burgers to trendy fried shrimp trucks to Mexican taco rolls,lunch trucks are all the rage and there are so many choices on the island of Oahu for your taste!

Hayley Lunch Cart:Haili Hawiian Foods is a small family business that has been operating traditional and contemporary Hawaiian cuisine for more than 60 years.In 2009,the Hayley lunch car opened to the open parking lot opposite the entertainment center of Ward,offering local Hawaiian lunch bento,stew,burritos and rice.

Ige’s Lunchwagon:The longtime Iger’s lunch car,which has been serving delicious local flavors for decades,such as roasted meatballs,Japanese-style soy sauce chicken,Lau Lau(traditional Hawaiian food,steamed with taro leaves wrapped in fish or meat)),Pork tofu,fried chicken and hamburger patties.Iger adjusts the menu every week,attracting many locals who love to have lunch cars.

Simply Ono:Simply Ono offers delicious lunch boxes with lunch carts in downtown Honolulu and the University of Hawaii.In addition to locals favorite lunches such as hamburger patties,garlic chicken and Hawaiian lunch plates,Simply Ono is unique in that it also offers exquisite gourmet menus such as pumpkin soup made with pork and freshly caught tuna,mini Luo Linpai,crab meat mushroom cheese baked spaghetti pasta.

Hawaii,Hawaii Oahu a lot of food,along with lulutrip together to seek those unknown Oahu specialties,the most authentic tour of Oahu!

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