Hawaii, the United States is a lot of fun island, one of the most popular on the island of Oahu, Hawaii in Oahu not only has rich cultural attractions, of course, there are all kinds of delicious fun. So when is the best way to travel to Oahu? Oahu traffic accommodation, tourist routes and how to arrange it? Xiao Bian summarizes for everyone Hawaii Oahu Island Raiders, to escort your travel!

Oahu flight flight

Oahu is located in the Pacific Ocean, since it is the United States resort, and Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Dallas these cities have direct flights, Losangeles, where the most frequent flights, within a day There are about 16 non-stop flights. If starting from other cities in the United States, you must consider turning around in these cities. The flight from the US West Bank takes about 4-5 hours and the east coast takes 10 hours.

If departing from Taiwan, most of the flights will be forwarded to Japan (about 13-14 hours of transfer), except that China Airlines currently has a direct flight (about 10 hours of flight). Of course, Seoul, most of the tickets to turn the plane twice cheaper than direct flights.

Incidentally, Hawaii Airlines is a small number of American Airlines which also have meals to provide airlines, this is a very happy thing for tourists.

In addition, we remind you that when you leave Oahu Island, the Customs will check whether you have any produce with you. If you have fresh fruits and vegetables and fly to the territory of the United States, even if you just want to eat on the plane, they Will be confiscated.

The most suitable season to visit Oahu

According to reports, Oahu was most frequently rained during December-January, with the heaviest rains in the northeastern mountains, while June-October was the warmest. The last time I went last was in early February, when it was time for rain showers. However, the rain in Hawaii is not the same as that in Taiwan. It stops in the next 10 minutes, and then usually the sun rises. Therefore, most of the time is sunny, not the big rainy season. A few days of the situation. Even in the winter temperatures, are also very comfortable twenty degrees, I started from San Diego, Hawaii is still hot to not, immediately put on short-sleeved shorts clip foot drag.

Crowds, because many people choose to come to Hawaii to avoid the winter, 12-4 months, Hawaii instead season. As for July-August all the children in the United States spend less time in summer vacation. So if you plan to come to Hawaii this time, you really have to book your flight and accommodation in advance. The crowds were smallest in April-June and September-October, with the exception of one or two weeks at the end of April and early May, when Japan encountered a large number of Japanese tourists because of the Golden Week.

How long does it take to play Oahu?

Catch a little three days and two nights, enrich a little bit four days and nights. If you only want the original environment, any artificial things will make you nausea and vomiting, then the island of Oahu as a transit point to go to other islands would be more appropriate. But if you are interested in humanities and history, these days are definitely more than you see, especially if you are interested in the history of World War II. It is definitely your paradise.

Oahu specialty

Oahu prices are expensive, most of the things are imported, it is said that the outlet here is a good shopping, but I have not visited, so I can not confirm this. But here pick a few most tourists come to Oahu will buy local products as a gift.

a) Hawaiian nuts (or Hawaiian nuts)

Many people eat macadamia nuts in the chocolate inside, but I personally think the best to eat alone. To buy when the counter will let you try different tastes, including garlic, honey, coffee, etc., sweet and salty are very tasty. However, here to remind you, Hawaii beans full nutrition, but also a lot of calories, when eating or not to go hungry.

b) Hawaiian coffee

Hawaiian coffee is very famous, although I do not like to drink coffee, but after a taste found very rich mellow, like to drink coffee friends can give it a try.

c) Hawaiian clothes jewelry

I do not know why Americans like to come to Hawaii to buy jewelry, especially hand-made locally, presumably because they can not be bought elsewhere but unique. In short, although I myself feel nothing in this regard, but indeed the business district in Honolulu lined up are a bunch of jewelry shop. Beyond that, beachwear is also a favorite of many Americans (and then wondered why it would be worn while on a European tour, as if wearing Hawaiian flowers on a holiday). As for the beach pants and swimming trunks like there are also sold here, if the local manufacturing will have to be mentally prepared a lot more expensive.

d) others

Local painter’s work, coconut oil, pineapple products (but I personally think that Taiwan’s pineapple than Hawaii’s delicious XD), Hawaiian butter biscuits, and salty snacks are also many people will come to Hawaii defeat thing.

Oahu Island to eat what?

Almost all Oahu produce (except pineapple and seafood) is imported from California. But compared with the United States domestic price, the money on the island of Oahu day probably and Manhattan restaurants have fight. But still to talk about some food to eat type.

Poke: Use fresh sashimi, add rice, fresh lettuce, serve with a simple ingredient, or eat in a large bowl

Rainbow ice: I do not know why this kind of ice is so red here (in my opinion, it is a pile of colored sugar water sprinkled on the tiny ice!), But almost everyone in Oahu can eat Look.

Mai Tai: It’s a tonic but full-bodied cocktail

Taro Cake: There are also many fresh taro dried or taro cakes on Oahu Island

Spam: A piece of luncheon meat in almost every restaurant in Hawaii, made of pork but with a lot of extras (it’s a place that would never have happened at Tian Long Guo) But it is the favorite of local residents. In the sushi, hamburgers, and even the box lunch will see the meat.

Oahu accommodation experience

While arranging for accommodation, many people consider Waikiki directly, and if life needs to be easier, it is the best option here. If you want to visit the brand-name stores, the guests in Waikiki can walk almost to. But to be mentally prepared, Waikiki’s beaches are shared, so often crowds burst more.

If you do not plan to go to other islands, then I would recommend staying at a hotel with a private beach before you really feel in Hawaii. However, when considering the private beach, you have to be psychologically prepared usually these hotels are more secluded and quiet. The advantage is more privacy, but the disadvantage is that food and clothing living and other life functions are relatively inconvenient.

Come to the United States, be sure to arrange enough time to enjoy the different travel experience in Hawaii Oahu Island. Interested in free exercise of friends, bring this Hawaii Oahu Island Raiders, will be of help to you Oh!

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