Hawaii’s most unique tourist experience, is rich in islands. Come to the Big Island of Hawaii, take you through the vast ocean, come in close contact with nature, the dizzying island of Hawaii tourist attractions, make you feel here is definitely the best holiday paradise. Do not talk more, come together to experience the exotic Hawaii it.

Hawaii Big Island Big Island

To avoid confusion with the name of the entire state, Hawaii is often referred to as the “Big Island” and is twice as large as any other Hawaiian island. On the coast of the island is the only two climatic zones in the world today, creating a unique landscape of nature here, popularly known as the “island of adventure” by tourists. Overlooking Kilauea volcano, the hidden waterfalls of the Big Island, lush valleys and gentle beaches, you can also enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, diving and more, which will definitely make your stay unforgettable.

Oshima attractions are mostly natural and historical sites, ranging from the stretch of sandy beaches to the snow-capped mountains. One of the most island-wide features is the ancient seaside hotspot, Kailua-Kona, and the famous Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. In addition, visitors can visit the Coffee Plantations where they can feel the richness of coffee beans or find the capital city’s capital at Downtown Hilo. Travelers traveling by car can also Drive on the stunning landscape leading to the Hamakua Coast.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Come to the island of Hawaii to visit the Volcanoes National Park is definitely the most exciting trip. Known as one of the safest volcanoes in the world, the Hawaii’s most active volcano, the jets of magma that continue to flow out seem to tell all the great forces of nature. Here, you will face the active volcano, feel the tremendous power of the land. Before entering the park, you can get maps, guides and latest volcano eruption information at the management office.

Punaluu Black Sand Beach, Punalu Black Sand Beach

Due to frequent volcanic activities on the Big Island of Hawaii, this unique black sand beach is created. Light barefoot on the black beach, no feeling of tie-in, delicate, soft touch can make people relax quickly, began to enjoy and enjoy this strange beach, my heart amazing amazing creatures. For those European and American people who like to brown themselves, they are very keen to bask in the sun because the black sand can better absorb the sun and speed up their tanning. Of course, people like to sunbathe here are not only humans, but also two rare species of animals – turtle shellfish and green sea turtles. They often visit this place and relax on the black sand beach to enjoy the sunshine. In order not to disturb them, the authorities also erected warning signs on the beach to remind visitors not to touch turtles, and even take pictures should maintain a distance of 15 feet or more.

Mauna Kea

Mauna Kea is Hawaii’s first height, 4205 meters above sea level. If you count the part below the sea level, the total height of more than 10,000 meters, higher than Mount Everest.

Hapuna Beach State Park Hapuna Beach State Park

A short distance along the west coast of Kohala Beach, you can reach Hapuna Beach, the largest white sand beach on the island. Hapuna is a great place to go swimming, surfing, sunbathing and snorkelling. Enjoy the sunshine and relaxation at Hapuna Beach State Park, sample local Hawaiian cuisine or enjoy the best of the Oshima Spa. Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel and Mauna Kea Beach Hotel have plenty of parking, food stalls, picnic areas, toilets and showers.

Kailua-Kona ancient town

Just 15 minutes’ drive from Corona International Airport, Kailaya Ancient Town is a seaside town on the Corniche Coast. The ancient town of Kerala is a quiet, secluded fishing village that today seems to be an excellent destination for accommodation, shopping, food, and a long history of Hawaii. The main street here is Alii, with its many shops, restaurants and some of the most important historical sites on the Big Island. After sunset, the ancient town of a day of leisurely, immediately transformed into a lively noisy entertainment, to show visitors the charm of the Big Island.

Hilo city center Kailua-Kona

Downtown Hilo is the largest town on Hawaii Island, with street shops hundreds of years old – many being listed as “national historical monuments” and behind wooden facades featuring galleries, shops, restaurants and cultural monuments. Stroll through the streets of the Bay, stroll the specialty shops, sights, and savor the elegant restaurants, which is the best way to visit Hilo. History buffs should not miss the Mokupapapa Discovery Center, which reproduces the culture, history, natural sciences, and almost the same environment in northwestern Hawaii. Spend the day exploring downtown Hilo and discover the local culture and the Aloha spirit of the larger island people of Hawaii.

Liliu Koalani Gardens Liliuokalani Gardens

This is a Japanese garden named after the late Hawaii monarch, Queen Lily Oucurani. Located at Hilo Yung Shue Street, it commemorates Hawaii’s first Japanese immigrants who have worked hard on the Big Island sugarcane garden. A beautiful park with fish ponds, red arch bridges, rock gardens, pagodas, Japanese stone lanterns and tea rooms is a must-see for families.

Wailuku River State Park

Drive west along Waaluene Avenue in Hilo to Granville Creek State Park and the first attraction you encounter will be a rainbow waterfall of up to 24 meters. After going up the Granville River, you can go to the “Peepee” waterfall that has a boiling pot. The pool below it will appear bubble, because it looks like a name for boiling water. Although the rainbow waterfall and boiling pot are very beautiful, please note that there is no lifeguard here, so swimming in this area is not safe.

Hulihee Palace

The Summer Palace of the Erechses in the Holihai will give you the illusion of returning to the imperial era in Hawaii. Once home to the Hawaiian royalty, it now features Victorian-style pieces by King Kalakaua and Queen Kapiolani. A monthly Sunday concerts will be held for a Sunday summer festival of the Erechthe ancestors, featuring free music performances by the Summer Palace Oasis of the Holihai and the Merrie Monarchs Choir.

Hawaii is definitely the best place for a vacation. If you are not traveling to Hawaii, be sure to arrange enough time to experience Hawaii’s Big Island tourist attractions and experience the wonders of nature.

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