Oahu Island is an island of Hawaii, very popular with tourists. 2 people Hawaii travel Raiders to give you about Oahu will go to 12 tourist attractions, so that everyone’s Hawaii honeymoon journey is full of meaningful. The Hawaiian journey began

Hawaii Tourist Attractions Recommended – Dinosaur Bay

Dinosaur Bay is a regional beach park, and is a state underwater park, the current dinosaur Bay is one of the most popular attractions on the island of Oahu Hawaii, to Hawaii travelers favorite in this dive. Dinosaur Bay is known as a tummy dumb dinosaurs, shallow, small waves, more fish, beautiful scenery, there are a variety of natural coral reefs and tropical fish.

Hawaii tourist attractions recommended – Pearl Harbor

Hawaiian Aboriginal people known as Pearl Harbor as “Wai Momi”, refers to the rich pearl water, where there have been many pearl clam shell, hence the name “Pearl Harbor”. Pearl Harbor is located in the southernmost part of the central area, in the Second World War by the Japanese attack and bombing, from the world famous, the site near the US Navy and the US Air Force’s active military facilities Pearl Harbor – Shigom Union base. Hawaii is currently the second largest tourist destination.

Hawaii tourist attractions recommended – Diamond Hill

The iconic outline of the Diamond Hill State Monument is connected to the skyline of Honolulu, just against the Waikiki Beach and one of Hawaii’s most famous landmarks. At the same time it is also a popular hike destination, where you can overlook the panoramic views of Waikiki and Oahu’s southern coast. Diamond Hill has a total of 175 steps of the trail, as well as dark underground tunnels and legacy military bunker – Luge Castle.

Hawaii tourist attractions recommended – Nuanu Parry big outlet

It is one of the most beautiful places in Oahu, at the top of Nuuanu Valley. In a battle in 1795, the great Kamehameha was here to order thousands of fighters across the cliffs, wrestling with death, thus defeating Oahuans to win the final victory and put Ouhu into the map.

Hawaii tourist attractions recommended – Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach is located in the Hawaiian Islands in Central Europe on the island of Honolulu (also known as Honolulu City), attracting a large number of tourists come here, has become a Hawaii vacation will go to the attractions, and therefore become the eyes of tourists “Hawaii” beach. Waikiki Beach is a relatively complete beach of various facilities, surrounded by hotel facilities rich, clear water, suitable for surfing, boating, sunset sunset scene is very suitable for photography.

Hawaii Tourist Attractions Recommended – Carlo Beach

Carlo Beach is located on the shores of Oahu, at the end of Carlova Road, among the Carua Beach Parks, and Carlo Beach Park is famous for its wide, beautiful white sandy beaches. It is a popular family meeting beach, since there is a picnic area, there are plenty of convenient parking spaces, toilets and shower rooms, and even a canteen.

Hawaii tourist attractions recommended – sunset beach

Sunset Beach is located in the north of Oahu, Oahu North Coast is a paradise for surfers. Up to 2 miles of the beach is the most popular beach on Oahu, dark skin, physically strong young people, continue to attack the waves. Sunset beach is the most beautiful time is sunset.
2 people Hawaii tourist Raiders Ouhu tourist attractions recommended to recommend to you here, I believe we understand that the 12 tourist attractions will add them to their own Hawaii trip. Hawaii trip must be colorful!

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