Speaking of the United States Hawaii tourism, we first thought is Hawaii many fun, natural scenery and beautiful island, then in addition to these in Hawaii what fun it? With the Hawaii tourist map Raiders, take a look at the Hawaii city another unique and not to miss the tourist attractions Oh, let you more profound understanding of Hawaii this wonderful tourist city.

1, Pearl Harbor

The Pearl Harbor is located at the lowest point of the plain between the Kaura Mountains and the Huaanai Mountains on the south bank of Oahu, adjacent to the only deep-water port of Honolulu, the base and shipbuilding base of the US Navy and the North Pacific Islands One of the largest and best safe harbor ports.

2, The King Kamehameha Statue

The king of Cameroha is the first unified Hawaiian king in the history of Hawaii. In the fifty states of the United States, only Hawaii had the king’s rule. Therefore, the bronze statue of the king of the United States and the United States is very natural to be the tourist destination of Hawaii.

3, Arizona Memorial

The United States Navy Arizona Battleship Memorial is a pearl port in Oahu, Hawaii, built on the seabed filling, was arch-shaped, 184 feet long, for the reinforced concrete structure, the whole museum whole body white, across the Arizona warships above the underwater hull. In the Pearl Harbor attack was sunk in the Arizona Battleship wreckage is above the memorial by the US government and the US Navy jurisdiction to maintain. In addition to the sinking battleships, until today the Arizona wreckage is still lying 1,177 dead soldiers in the 1,102 body.

4, Iolani Palace

The Palace of Iola is a good start to the historic district of Honolulu. The palace of the island of Ollani was the last two monarchies of the Kingdom of Hawaii – King Karakawa, who built the palace in 1882, and his sister’s successor, Queen Lili Ouhua. This is the only royal palace in the United States.

5, National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific

The Pacific National Memorial Cemetery is located in the northeastern part of Honolulu port area of ​​150 meters of the cliff area is a volcano volcano, where the burial of the Second World War in the Pearl Harbor sacrifice of US troops and twenty thousand thousand. It is famous for its statue of the goddess of Colombia, which often appears in the TV series “Tajima Police Ride”. At the top of the cemetery is a giant statue of the goddess of Colombia, it is considered the land of the Hawaii, patron saint.

Come to Hawaii free travel, must come to these tourist attractions, followed by everyone prepared for the United States Hawaii tourist map, so that you will have a more profound understanding of Hawaii, experience the most local Hawaiian atmosphere.

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