Hawaii Tourism Raiders today to recommend you Ouhu ten will play activities, will make you big fun, of course, we have to prepare sufficient funds, and some projects should be expensive. Hawaii Oahu will play the project, everyone to see it ~

1, Oahu Island parachute

Parachute because of its thrilling and was hailed as the “brave of the movement”, in foreign countries by the impact of many extreme challengers. In recent years, this project has become more and more people like to take risks and challenges of domestic concern and favor, Zhong Hanliang, Li Xiaopeng, quiet, Zhang Zhilin and other stars are in reality show to complete the high skydiving challenge.

2, Gulani pasture experience

The Gulani Ranch is the most famous tourist attraction on Oahu, and when you come to the 4000 acres of Guleni Ranch there will be a familiar feeling that it is known as the world’s most suitable for the valley. The famous Jurassic Park is here to shoot. There are more fun to stimulate the play items.

Introduction: 07: 00-07: 20 Hotel departure. Reach the ranch, choose your favorite item, find out where you selected the project, and send you to the area where the project is located.

3, helicopter sightseeing trip

Take a tour of the Hawaiian Big Island helicopter, overlooking the Hawaiian Volcano National Park Kilauea volcano, the island’s secluded waterfalls, the lush valleys of the gentle beaches, which is just the starting point of the great island adventure! Hovering over the volcanic crests of the Kilauea volcano on the big island of Hawaii, the excitement is hard to describe.

4, Polynesian cultural village experience

Along the coastline to the Polynesian Cultural Center at the northern end of Oahu, visitors can take a canoe tour of Samoa, Maori, Fiji, Hawaii, Tunga, Tahiti and Sergei. After enjoying a rich buffet dinner, enjoy the splendid performances by the Hundreds of people at the Pacific Theater. With the magnificent music and the plot, every scene is fantastic, this is Hawaii’s most luxurious, the most exquisite traditional performances, to ensure that you spend a particularly memorable night.

5, Ouhu experience deep dive

Oahu Island is a colorful island in the Hawaiian Islands, it has a variety of cultural characteristics, magnificent and diverse landscape and rich outdoor activities. Hawaii’s underwater world is best suited for diving you, where you can find the warships left by the Second World War, the plane can also see the beautiful coral reefs.

6, Ouhu paragliding

Ouhu Island paragliding experience, overlooking the coast of Hawaii, to stimulate fun. Boat along Maunalua Bay, enjoy the beautiful scenery of Honolulu, coastline, cocoa caldera, cocoa corners and Khao’ao mountains. In the paragliding experience you will overlook the unparalleled beauty.

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