I came to the Hawaiian volcanic island with my family in January 2017 and this is my second visit to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. Just a few days, the volcano island I witnessed the legend of the volcano goddess, I finally believe that the existence of spirituality, the word of time since then has a new meaning to me.

Hawaii volcanic island attractions

Volcanic island area of ​​10,414 square kilometers, composed of five volcanoes, is the largest of the Hawaiian Islands. On this magical island, the world’s highest Volcano Mauna Kea volcano, the world’s most active Volcano Kilauea volcano, one of only four green beaches in the world, and the investment of 100 million U.S. dollars 4 Year built to ultra-large Hilton Weekele Resort. The snow-capped Milky Way, the fiery caldera, the lava desert, the cliffs of the sea, the lush rainforests, beautiful waterfalls, coconut palm trees, art resorts, volcanic islands everything. The depth of the outdoor tourism countless, you can walk 4 hours in the darkness to the lava into the sea Observed flow gold-like magma into the roaring sea, 45-minute helicopter leap Harley caldera observation Earth’s most mysterious lava smile, in the lava The formation of the coral tidal pool of colorful gorgeous coral reefs and sea turtles and beautiful fish travel, every moment on the volcanic island is so distinctive, not only the enjoyment of the senses bring more soul shock and inspiration.

Recommended Hawaiian volcanic island will go to attractions are as follows:

1. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park: Kilauea Creater, Steam Vents, Jaggar Museum, Thurston Lava Tube,

Hawaii volcanic island tourist attractions

2. Mauna Kea snow mountain stargazing: 2775 meters in the visitor center stargazing or summit experience boarded the top of the world, above the sea of ​​clouds to see Jupiter, 10,000 light years away, only the stars in the noisy

3. Come to Papakolea Green Sand Beach: An extremely rare green beach made up of olivine stones, also known as “Hawaii Diamonds,” is a volcanic eruption materialistic journey. Legend has it that the girl’s tears formed each piece of tape There are painful curses can not be taken away.

4. Experience the Ahalanui County Beach Park: Natural volcanic open-air saltwater hot springs, hot sea water you experience it?

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