Hawaii has a comfortable climate and environment,beautiful natural landscape,every year a lot of people bring their families to travel.So,you also need to have a Hawaiian tour,feel the unique charm of Hawaii.How much is it going to travel to Hawaii?Hawaii with the tour and free exercise which cheap?For Hawaii tourism prices I think a lot of people are not very familiar with,Xiao Bian has been ready for everyone,go to understand the depth of some.

Hawaiian climate is comfortable and dry,the average annual temperature of about 24 degrees Celsius,it is suitable for vacation travel,where not only can enjoy the sun and the beach and sea,but also enjoy the colorful sea of​​the Holy Land,inadvertently and a variety of marine animals Met.Volcanic landscape is to bring another wonderful world,Mars-like landform is a variety of science fiction film Fuji viewfinder.

There are many friends who want to travel to Hawaii,but also worried about the cost of travel too much,want to know Hawaii travel to spend a good budget.Although Hawaii from China,but the ticket is not cheap,a person 6000 yuan-8000 yuan look like.Most of the aircraft from Japan or South Korea to turn the way,go to Japan pocket is actually a good circle,you can apply for the border to sign Oh.If it is with the group travel with the tour,then the cost of the general 7 days of the round is about 20,000 yuan.

Because the price determines the number of days you travel,as well as the number of tourist attractions,as well as the quality of the hotel stay.These can be carefully chosen according to their own situation.The cost of Hawaii’s self-help travel is relatively high,especially in terms of hotel costs.We know that different grades of the hotel from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars,or even the difference between the million is not surprising,as long as the hotel accommodation safe and comfortable like,do not have to pursue luxury too.

Self-help tour can be based entirely on the preferences of the parties to determine the route,but the cost of self-help travel relative to the newspaper tour is relatively high,especially in the tourist season,the hotel’s price increases faster,In recent years,the offer point of view,almost will rise by 20 percent,for example,the original free exercise as long as eight thousand can,but the season to go,it may rise to more than ten thousand yuan,so if you want to go Hawaii tourism,then,must be planned in advance,it is recommended that you start as early as possible.

And then is Hawaii’s food and arranged travel routes,visitors and friends as far as possible according to their own economic ability to arrange,choose a poor tour to Hawaii vacation 10,000 yuan a little more can.The pursuit of extreme luxury,then 50,000 yuan is not much,which also contains a friend of tourists have no plans to shop.

Sightseeing Hawaii has a bus fare of$1.5.In addition,you can take the tram to visit the main attractions of Waikiki and Honolulu city,the farthest to the dinosaur Bay.If you travel to the outer island,it is recommended car rental tour.

Hawaii on the travel costs,I believe we have a better understanding,in fact,whether it is Hawaii with the tour or free exercise which is cheap,as long as the fun in the journey is the most important,and the price difference is not great,We can according to their own situation more discretion Oh!

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