Hawaii is a world famous tourist destination, where all the year round has a beautiful view, in addition to the beautiful natural scenery, but also has a unique style of architecture. Hawaii day trip is how many people longing for, and a loved one to take a self-driving tour, is not it a good choice? Below lulutrip for everyone to introduce.

1, Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor Located on the southern shore of Oahu, the lowest part of the plains between the Kerau Mountains and the Wai Ani Range, adjacent to Honolulu Harbor, the only deep-water port, is the base and shipbuilder for the U.S. Navy and the North Pacific Islands One of the largest and safest ports in the world.

2, The King Kamehameha Statue

King Kamehameha is the first king in the history of Hawaii to unify the Hawaiian Islands. In the fifty states of the United States, only the state of Hawaii has the rule of kings. So it is natural that the bronze statue of King Kamehameha became a must visit for visitors to Hawaii.

3, Arizona Memorial

The U.S.S Arizona Memorial is located in Pearl Harbor on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A. It is an 18-foot-long, arch-shaped, reinforced concrete structure with undersea fillings and a white, Arizona battleship above the underwater hull. The memorial to the wreckage of the Arizona battleship sunk in Pearl Harbor was under the jurisdiction and maintenance of the U.S. government and the U.S. Navy. In addition to the sunken battleship, 1,102 remains of 1,177 casualties remain lying in the wreckage of Arizona today.

4, Iolani Palace

Ioannian Royal Palace is a good start for exploring Honolulu’s historic district on foot. The Ioniani Palace is the official residence of the last two monarchs of the Kingdom of Hawaii, King Kalakaua, who built the palace in 1882 and the queen of his sister, Lilyoukulani. This is the only royal palace in the United States.

5, National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific

Pacific National Memorial Cemetery The clam crater located 150 meters north of the Honolulu port area is an extinct volcano that houses 21,000 U.S. troops and men who died in Pearl Harbor during the Second World War. Here it is famous for its statue of Columbia, the goddess of the goddess, often appearing in the title of the television series “The Battle of SIDS.” Above the center of this cemetery is a giant statue of the Colombian goddess, considered the landwife and patron saint of Hawaii.

Hawaii is a romantic and wonderful place, such a day trip to Hawaii will make you fall in love with this.

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