Have you heard of Hawaii? Do you know the beautiful Oahu? There is always a beautiful landscape in the world waiting for your admiration, I believe Oahu Hawaii is such a place, if you want to understand it, come with me now, let us go to meet the beautiful and prosperous Oahu it !

Oahu has a total area of ​​1,545.34 square kilometers and is Hawaii’s third largest island by area. Honolulu on the island (Honolulu, also known as Honolulu) is the capital of the state of Hawaii.

First of all, to talk about the North Shore of the North Shore of the Grand Island is the surfing spot on Oahu Island. The beach is also beautiful and collapsed. There are Japanese temples, the Great Tombs of Honoré, the Hawaii souvenir shop, Kahuku town, Hawaiian sweet shrimp, the North Shore Sunset Beach and the Dole and Pineapple Park.

Also Waikiki Beach (waikiki beach) side. With its white sandy beaches, swaying coconut trees and towering skyscrapers, we can go boating, surfing and kayaking in the sand between the Sheraton and Waikiki hotels and to the beach area near the Hilton Hotel Take a submarine, enjoy the sun bath, see the bikini beauty, or take a walk along the beach, enjoy the world-renowned setting sun.

Waikiki beach is full of resorts and bars, visitors can walk to the beach. Whenever night falls, people can play Hawaiian music and jump in passionate hula. In addition, the coastal Kalakaua Boulevard is full of gourmet restaurants and shopping centers, world cuisine and global brands.

Another is the Diamond Head Crater, located in Honolulu, Honolulu, in the Hawaiian Islands. Diamond Hill State Nature Reserve is a symbol of Hawaii. Can be seen in many paintings, sitting on Waikiki Beach can see. It is said that the first British captain who discovered the Hawaiian Islands, Captain Cook, at night saw the whole mountain emerge in blue light, like a sapphire sparkling, that the discovery of diamonds, put it called Diamond Hill, and local Chinese feel like a Wolong.

Play well, but also live well. This is a perfect trip,

lulutrip TIPS:

☆ The famous Sheraton Waikiki Resort near Diamond Head Crater Park is just 6.4 km away. It offers a beachfront pool with a 70-foot water slide, a full-service spa and free WiFi.

☆ Sheraton Waikiki offers modern rooms with a flat-screen TV and video game facilities. Rooms are simply styled and have a private balcony, some with mountain or sea views. The Sheraton has 4 dining options on site, including the Rum Fire tapas restaurant. Other dining options include a fresh food market

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