From the Spring Festival of China will just do more than a month’s time, taking advantage of the holiday than to bring their family to a happy Vancouver Spring Festival travel, and here is a lot of people to escape the cold Oh. Vancouver has many natural landscapes and a comfortable environment, making it a worthwhile city to explore. So Vancouver, Canada, how to plan a deep tour line? Follow lulutrip you know, take you to play around Vancouver attractions.

Vancouver deep swim the first day

Gas town

Known as Vancouver’s earliest birthplace, the gas town is home to Vancouver’s Victorian heritage, with Victorian buildings on the streets preserving the early 20th century, while the classic and beautiful buildings are trendy and creative, with a sense of history and The modern trend thus naturally blends in with the huge, ancient steam clock, a landmark of Vancouver.

Gas town

Steam clock

The 2-tonne steam bell is a landmark gas town and stands there since 1977. As the world’s first steam-driven clock, the tradition of whistling every 15 minutes has lasted for centuries. Stop by the steam clock, watching the white steam whirring, accompanied by the whistle of music, as if back to the ancient steam era. You can walk to Canada Place on foot.

Canada Place

Canada Square, known as the symbol of Vancouver, is the Canadian Pavilion at the Vancouver Expo in 1986. The whole building is made of five glass fiber white sails as a giant tabernacle. It is a landmark of Vancouver. It houses the Vancouver Convention Center East Wing, Vancouver World Trade Center, five-star Pan Pacific Hotel. And as an important cruise terminal on the south coast of British Columbia, the giant cruise ships on its side are particularly eye-catching. The entire Canadian Plaza into the sea, surrounded by sunshine, beautiful.

Vancouver deep swim the first two days

Stanley Park

Huge Natural Oxygen Bar Just a 15-minute walk from the bustling downtown Vancouver, Stanley Park is a world-renowned city park with a blend of city and nature, nestled in vast forests of red cedars, vast lakes and tranquility , Winding long sea trails and the famous Indian totem group, and precious wildlife resources also make Vancouver’s zoo, aquarium set up here.

Stanley Park

Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium, located in Stanley Park, is Canada’s largest aquarium and one of the three largest North American aquariums. There are nearly 10,000 kinds of aquatic creatures stored in the museum. Animal killer whales and beluga whales swim in the simulated marine environment. Lazy otters float on the water to make them look cute and cute. In addition to aquatic life, you can enjoy the rare flora and fauna of the Amazon rainforest, one of Vancouver’s most popular attractions.

Vancouver deep swim the 3rd day

Granville Island

Granville Island is located on the edge of downtown Vancouver, arguably the Vancouver edition of Beijing 798. Once upon a time an industrial area peninsula, after some design remodeling after a new look, full of modern art atmosphere, so that your camera Kaka can not stop, but also the street must-hit people must visit. The public market is full of flowers, fruits and vegetables, full of people, to enjoy breakfast in the market is full of pleasure.

Kitsilano Beach

Kissimmee Beach faces the English Bay and is one of the most popular summer beaches in Vancouver. Its wide, sandy beaches provide a great venue for outdoor activities such as frisbee throwing and beach volley, Field, volleyball court, green space and other facilities, summer is a good place for summer heat. If you want to play in the water, you can also go rowing with locals, or try the Kitsilano, Canada’s largest outdoor saltwater pool. In the evenings, you can enjoy the endless beauty of sunset over the bay.

University of British Columbia

University of British Columbia, referred to as UBC, together with the University of Toronto, McGill University Canada Ivy League, world-renowned. UBC is the oldest university in BC. The main campus is located at the western end of Vancouver, surrounded by mountains and sea. It is the most beautiful campus in North America and is known as a pearl on the west coast. UBC students also have a burst of color burst table, had a lot of Miss Hong Kong, is the energy muscle goddess Peng Yuyan also from UBC.

Vancouver depth of the first 4 days

Cappellano Suspension Bridge Park

Located in North Vancouver, the famous Capilano Suspension Bridge Park was originally built in 1889 and has a total length of 137 meters. Since more than 100 years ago, only two roving ropes and wooden boards have been suspended in an altitude of about 70 meters. Is the rapid flow of the Capilano River, is the world’s longest and highest pedestrian suspension bridge, Vancouver is also the oldest tourist attractions.

Grouse Mountain

Located in North Vancouver ‘s Grouse Mountain, known as “the top of Vancouver” in the world, no matter in any corner of Vancouver can see her magnificent posture. Here is a paradise for outdoor sportsmen, hiking is most suitable for hiking in summer, standing on the top of the hill can enjoy the scenery of Ballard Bay and Vancouver, the winter snow-covered ski, which is the nearest and only one from Vancouver Ski resort that can make snow by hand.

Vancouver Day 5 Day 5 | British Columbia – West Vancouver Whistler

Haitian Road

The picturesque Route 99, connecting historic towns and museums between West Vancouver and Liluit, is also the main road from Vancouver to Whistler, a ski resort, on either side of the Pacific Rim , One side is towering green hills, it is also known as the sea sky road.

Lighthouse Park

Built in 1914, West Vancouver’s Lighthouse Park, a 75-hectare park with native forests of Douglas fir, Western hemlock and red cypresses, has nearly 500 years of age, Criss-laden for up to 13 kilometers of hiking trails. Atkinson Point Lighthouse Point Atkinson Lighthouse, one of the oldest beacons in the West Bank, is located on a fully protected headland facing the stormy blue waters of the Blue Bay, standing on the park’s reef rocks for spectacular views.


Whistler is located in the Pacific coast of the town of Whistler is the 2010 Olympic Winter Games and the Paralympic Games venue, sitting Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb two ski resorts, where winter still has a more moderate climate , The diverse terrain of the mountains to meet the different needs of skiing, stable snowfall and high-quality boarding and entertainment facilities, making it the world’s top ski resort, and summer snow melt, but also the best place for mountain biking and hiking .

Vancouver Day 6 Day Tour | Victoria

Butchart Gardens

Butchart Gardens is a family garden that has become the world’s second largest garden after several generations of hard work. Large garden, divided into comprehensive service area, sunken garden, rose garden, Japanese garden, Italian garden and Mediterranean garden, neatly decorated lawns and trails connected to these five gardens. Tickets will be accompanied by a one-page visitor guide, in order to avoid duplication of walking, you can study before visiting the tourist guide.

Victoria Butterfly Garden

Just 4 minutes’ drive from Butchart Gardens, the Victoria and Butterfly Garden is a small and lovely butterfly showcase garden where more than 3,000 beautiful butterflies are dancing and enchanting. Park is mostly decorated with orchids, but also the growth of many tropical plants, compared to the noble atmosphere of Butchart, Butterfly Garden is a small home Jasper, has a different kind of charm.

Provincial council building

Come to the city center can walk around the attractions. Facing the harbor, the centrally located provincial council building is a Victorian building with a statue of Queen Victoria and a central bronze statue of George Vancouver. Stained glass lobby is also a major feature, the parliament is inside the library. Another night-time parliament building with more than 3,000 light bulbs adorns the mansions and is a famous night view of the Victoria Harbor area.

Vancouver is a must-see city for travel in Canada, with a variety of attractions to visit, so it is necessary to arrange an in-depth tour of Vancouver. More Vancouver attractions are waiting for you.

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