Many people will be a holiday to travel to the United States Hawaii,vacation,have to say,Hawaii is really the best choice for holiday travel,then Hawaii what tourist attractions fun?Has been summed up for the following Hawaii attractions Raiders,Hawaii free travel friends,travel must be a good understanding before Oh!

One,Hawaii Volcanoes National Park-one of the most active volcanoes on earth,has the opportunity to see the magma that has not yet solidified.

The Kilauea volcano is one of the most active active volcanoes in the world and has never stopped erupting since 1983.The huge crater is like a cauldron,and the hot magma flows through the volcanic lake,as if the wound of the earth cracked again,and out of the stock of blood,which was called the wonders of nature.

The two most active live Mauna Loa and Kilauea are also in the park,and the whole volcanic park extends from the top of Mauna Loa to the ocean.Here,you can walk along the 241 km long path through the crater,hot desert and tropical rainforest,as well as museums,rock paintings,can enter the lava channel.In the vicinity of the crater can also be seen by the destruction of the town of the remains of the building.The park became a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve in 1980 and was listed on the World Natural Heritage List in 1987.

Second,Punaluu County Beach Park-Walk on the black sandy beach,enjoy the delicate soft touch,encounter rare tortoiseshell and green turtles.

The black sand beach is located on the east side of the island,adjacent to the picturesque,peaceful and harmonious Vic town,accompanied by the rock cliffs.From the black sand beach overlooking the North Atlantic endless,black sand and white waves in the sun to form a strong contrast,Beacon Hill and its seas across the sea,echoes,showing the world famous beach beauty.Black sea and sand,with dark clouds,that is the devil’s territory is not too much.Visitors first come here will feel a dark,at first glance,even the sea is black,it is not true,because the beach is black,black sand set off the sea is also dark.But look carefully,the sea or blue,sand on the palm and some green plants with this piece of black to form a sharp contrast.

Black sand beach is pure black sand,a bit rough,but the coastal area of​​the sand is still very fine.Barefoot on the black sand beach,there is no sense of footsteps.Black sand can better absorb the sun,you can let them tan speed greatly accelerated,so come here a lot of people sunbathing.

Three,Mauna Kea

At an altitude of 4207 meters of Na Kaiya is the highest mountain peak of Hawaii.Here is also the Earth’s closest to the place of the land of Mars,a lot of space on the film are framed here.The hustle and bustle of the harsh environment,once glacier,now lives with many local endangered species.

Visitor center and the top of the hill are above the clouds,so you can see the blue skies and the sun,the summit is watching the sunset(6-6-6)the best place.There is a free telescope in the visitor center,but you need a long queue.But there is no difference between the naked eye and the ground in Hawaii.

As the road to the volcanic saddle at the road is difficult,many car rental companies are not allowed to open there.So you can take a Tour to reach the top of the caldera.Here is the big island to see the sunset and the stars do a good job,but also in Hawaii also need to wear down jacket place.

Four Point South Point Park-here is the southernmost tip of the United States,can be staring at the boundless Pacific Ocean

As early as 400-800 AD,there were Polynesian marriages landing here.Here you can see the remains of the temple,the shrines of fishing and other cultural relics,so it is no wonder that the entire southern end is regarded as a national historical symbol.

Five,Waipio Valley,Weipi Valley-explore the original valley,visit the paradise

And Hawaii Island’s most famous Kilauea volcano,the southernmost tip of the South Island South POINT par,called the Hawaiian island three best view.From the view of the Huapiu Valley,you can unobstructed the dark green Huapi Valley and the cliffs,dark sandy beaches and white waves along the curved coastline.Especially after the rain in the valley,the rain from the valley of the cliff seam drifting down,forming a temporary white waterfall.Nature of the gods of the masterpiece of God,people breathtaking at the same time,people could not help but accept,Hawaii from ancient times so far to Huopi Valley known as the sacred land of reason!

Six,Rainbow Falls-if the luck is better,after the rain can see the water droplets after the water refraction to form a beautiful rainbow

Rainbow Waterfall is located in the western part of the island of Hilo(Hilo),due to the waterfall of the water mist after the reflection of the sun to form a beautiful rainbow and famous.Rainbow Waterfall is about 24.4 meters high,surrounded by layers of green,green drops of tropical plants under the shade,it is very different.

Seven,Akaka Falls State Park

Aqua Falls State Park is located in the northeastern Hawaiha Island,Hawakua Coast,about 11 km from the famous Hilo City.It is named after Akaka Falls in the park,and Akaka has a”split,burst and so on”in Hawaiian,meaning the male,odd and dangerous of the waterfall.

Hawaii fun tourist attractions,must be more rich than you think,arrange a trip to Hawaii,to feel the wonderful beauty of the United States it!

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