This time to travel to the United States, just to catch up with a new generation of love crazy release, but also just have the opportunity to go and Apple has the roots of the winning beauty of the United States, and finally to let Steve Jobs so picky people are fascinated What is the place where great?

The United States west of the national park is to take the rough wind, to the kind of unmodified wild atmosphere, but out of the United States and the United States to such a beautiful place. But a closer look at the stone here, in fact, also hidden in the west of the “hard gas” and the vicissitudes of life, it can be said outside the soft inside just.

The first time I heard this place, because there is a mac operating system to Yosemite named, because Steve Jobs is like here, and here is not only his inspiration for the back garden, it is said that he held a wedding place.

Really stand Yosemite, they feel the love of Steve Jobs did have his truth, here is a place to freeze a place is a wallpaper, there is a landscape between people can calm down the beauty, and although the high popularity here , But will not have taken a picture of the results of all the head inside the situation.

Most of the locals in the United States will choose to take tents to camp here for a few days, but I will not drive, so the newspaper is a local two-day mission, San Francisco and San Jose have on the car, about three hours by car, for limited time And would like to check out the point to the core to view the people in fact is still very cost-effective choice ~


Just entering the valley, there are Valley View and Tunnel View at the junctions of the CA-120, CA-49 and CA-41, both of which are the best places to watch the valley in U-shape. U-shaped valley covered the world’s Lord, the distant half of the moon into the valley’s most distinctive theme. Where the vision in the valley is relatively open, sunny day when the sun shines on the half of the mound of granite cliffs, highlighting its steep and powerful; evening, the sunny half of the moon dyed orange-red, like a group of raging fire in the burning ; Dark clouds, the black pressure of the cloud accompanied by black paint half of the moon, quite a sense of deep sense; rain over the sunny, a road of the sun in turn from the clouds shot, and with the disappearance of the clouds and change, Staged a natural laser show.

El Capitan in the Yosemite Gorge is a monolithic granite that is slightly taller than the Gibraltar Rock and attracts numerous rock climbing enthusiasts. When the bus ride in the park in summer, the driver will show you: El Capitan someone has been climbing for more than two days, approaching the top; the other one is hanging tent tent; by the other next person just started climbing … … Yosemite National Park is the holy place for this sport for climbers from all over the world. The valleys offer a variety of rock climbing types: fissures, ice-hole walls, overcurrents and artificial aids and different climbing angles – any type of climbing required by climbers. Yosemite’s most spectacular rock climbing is a huge climb for 15 days to complete the huge valley and trails: as in the semi-dome, the Sentinel Rock, the Royal Arch and the huge Elkapitan rock wall – one of the world’s largest granite walls The


Nanshan’s most famous attraction is Mariposa Grove. Originally Yosemite National Park was established when the main is to protect the large tracts of old world trees. Before the establishment of the park, the old world Ye Ru forest was a large number of felling, but Mariposa Grove was miraculously spared, because the tree fell down here will automatically break down when many cut off, making the wood no economic value, over time, people will not Come here to cut down the tree. Today, visit Mariposa Grove, you can see those early cut down and fell down into many old trees.


Yosemite National Park Stream is the world’s most famous and most interesting streams, they attract a group after another group of tourists come from, in the fun of the canyon, year after year, never tired. The larger streams and rivers show their clearness and beauty with their rebellious energy between the canyons. On the broad ground of the splash of bubbles, the water flowed with a gentle slope of the ladder, and there was a beautiful whirlpool everywhere, and the splash of water sprayed the rain in the sun; River on the boulder, the water stone hit the roar of a long time to reverberate. In the waterfall, the water is turbulent, bold and bold, and in the long shade through the shadows of the long forest waters, the water has become smooth and comfortable, water, such as silver, water, such as sue, so that the Grand Canyon filled with wonderful Singing, so that all things full of vitality.


Yosemite’s rock will be shocked from the bottom of my heart – you will really realize the gods of nature. Smooth granite is the most perfect part of the distribution of 2400 ~ 2700 meters above sea level, some radius of several kilometers, smooth granite above only a little bit of scars, it is the storm in the above years of stay marks. The most well-preserved part of the glory, like calm water and glass, like the reflection of the sun, although thousands of years they have been exposed to the wind and rain, but they are as polished every day as radiant.

Giant fir area

Located in the heart of the city, the Paphos is located at the entrance to the Fresno direction (south exit), which is close to the National Park. Maripa Pine is the most attractive place in the south of Yosemite, where there are about 500 huge mahogany. There are many trees of the age of more than 2000, one of which is called “Grizzly Bear” mahogany, has always been its huge tree with the majestic tree section known, stands the forest near the original tree is from a tree root digging Empty part of the formation of a can accommodate the car through the tree hole. Has been knocked down in 1969 by the wind and snow. Fell to the tree king stubbornly to resist decay. The husband and wife tree is to keep the same root symbiotic; shuttle forest busy foraging the floating mouse, casually seeded seed for the forest giant.

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