The Zion National Park is a popular attraction for hiking and rock climbing, where you can see a lot of outdoor sports gathered here, not only that you can see the rich natural landscape, but also a very good family free exercise Tourist destination. Here we introduce the Zion National Park Raiders, a variety of classic games to give you one of the most exciting travel.

The Zion National Park covers a total area of ​​229 square miles (593 square kilometers), it is a spectacular Grand Canyon, steep rocks in the valley towering clouds, faint bottom deep unpredictable, canyon narrow and deep, standing on the bottom overlooking the cliffs, The scenery is very spectacular. The main attractions of the park are the Zion Canyon, and the red and yellow-colored Navajo sandstone is divided by the tributary of the north of Virgin River.

Zion National Park tall and steep cliffs and canyons, gurgling water, bursts of birds, a fabulous scene. Protecting the natural environment for a variety of animals and plants to provide a living home, more canyons increased spirituality. Where you will feel the solemn and divine nature of nature, so that you always with a heart of awe. There are many birds and animals in the park, can see some very cute little animals, such as antelope, small squirrels and so on.

Go to Zion National Park Tour will bring you a lot of surprises. Here you can rock climbing, upstream. Hiking is the best way to travel here, the hiking trails are suitable for all levels of hikers, and some sections even have wheelchair access. If you are a senior hiker, you can board the summit of Angels’Landing, overlooking the magnificent mountains, it is definitely one of the most worthwhile national parks in the United States.

Angel’s Landing is a climbing trail in the Zion National Park, which is relatively difficult. The first half of the route is required to climb, the second half of the overall more dangerous, was named one of the top ten hiking routes. The second half on the cliff, relying on the chain lever to climb up, physical consumption is relatively large, but to reach the top of the infinite scenery, overlooking the entire canyon, magnificent red rock surrounded by 360 degrees, blue and white streams meandering during the mountain , The scenery is shocking enough.

The Narrows is one of the most famous hiking trails in Zion and one of the world’s best slopes of the slot canyon, where hiking enthusiasts and mountain climbing enthusiasts like the first time And experienced friends together. This trail is basically Virgin River, and the canyon is very narrow, and when you gradually toward the bottom of the narrow canyon, people will be less and less. Slowly when you walk alone in the depths of the canyons, you will feel the infinite power of nature.

Canyon Overlook is one of the most popular photographers and leisure travelers in the 12 hiking trails in the Zion National Park. This line is simple, but it produces a lot of the most wonderful photography, because it can take you to see the most breathtaking scenery of the Zion Canyon, reach the end of the Overlook, you will see the spectacular Zion Canyon , And even a lot of walking master also praise this simple line plus.

Bring the United States Zion National Park Raiders, taking advantage of the holidays about friends to enjoy the good times of travel, must be a very good travel experience.

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