Arches National Park is a famous American tourist attraction, with its unique geographical location, the natural landscape is even more amazing. So many people will go to Arches National Park by car to experience the natural gods. So the first trip to Arches National Park, how to plan itinerary? Arches National Park has been prepared for the white Raiders Raiders, a deep understanding of it!

Arches National Park Drive line

1, Courthouse Towers

CourthouseTowers is a group of tall stone pillars, scenic area is located at the entrance of the park, the pillars, the stone wall is the first stage of arch formation, the bottom of the sandstone weathering, the top of the more hard rock can be preserved to form the park Distributed arches landscape.

2, balance stone

One of the iconic landscapes of Arches National Park. The balance stone is 39 meters high, and the balance rock at the top of the rock is equivalent to the size of three school buses. The boulder apparently found a perfect balance under the combined effect of internal stability and external gravity. Looks crumbling, but suddenly stood between heaven and earth millions of years. The balance stone is about 500 meters along the main road, 15-15 minutes around the stone circle.

3, North-South window arch

Windows Trails 1.1miles in length, tour this area takes about 1 hour. North-South window is a huge gable, up to 40 meters long, more than 200 meters long, the thickness is not more than 4 meters. Two huge, eye-like windows, each 25 meters long, 12 meters tall and oval, with a mountain beam in the middle of the two eyes very much like a human nose. There are also nearby Arch Arch, 0.25mile distance, about half an hour.

4, exquisite arches

Arches National Park sign, Utah car license plate above the pattern. There are two options depending on time and energy: the Delicate Arch Trail and the Delicate Arch Viewpoint. The former takes two hours on foot and the most beautiful at sunset. The latter is accessible by car and has only fingernail-sized arches.

5, landscape arch

The Landscape Arch is the longest arched arch in the Arches Park, a full-length 306 feet long, at the deepest Devils Garden in the park. It is 0.8mile walking distance from the start of Devils Garden Trail, the road is very good (Trail logo is green) and the journey takes about 1 hour. Also near the landscape arch is the Partition Arch, Navajo Arch, Trail on the way to Pine Tree Arch and Tunnel Arch, all within easy reach.

Drive to Devils Garden and explore Sand Dune Arch (0.2miles), Broken Arch (0.6miles) and Skyline Arch (0.2miles).

6, double zero arch

Double O Arch is located at the very end of the Devils Garden, continuing from the landscape arches to the depths of the road, with rough terrain (Trail logo in blue) with a one-way view of the Archway from the Double Zero Arch to 1.2miles and a one hour round trip. Unlike The Window Section’s north and south windows, this Double O is up and down. Visitors can walk all the way down to the arches and reach the nearest distance to the arches.

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