Arches National Park is a famous tourist attraction in the United States, with a unique geographical location, the natural landscape is amazing. So many people will go to the arches of the National Park by car feel the gods of nature. Then the first time to the arches of the national park tourism line how to plan it? Has been prepared for the white arches National Park line Raiders, together to understand the depth of it!

Arches National Park tourist routes recommended

1, Courthouse Towers

CourthouseTowers is a group of very high stone pillars, the scenic area is located at the entrance of the park, these pillars, stone wall is the first stage of the formation of the arch, the bottom of the sandstone weathering, the top of the harder rock can be retained to form a park Distribution of arch view.

2, balance stone

Archway National Park is one of the iconic landscapes. 39 meters high balance stone, rock top of the balance of stone is equivalent to the size of three school bus. This boulder is clearly in the internal stability and external gravity under the common action, to find a perfect balance point. Looks crumbling, but in between heaven and earth stand for hundreds of millions of years. The balance stone is about 500 meters on the main road edge and 15 to 30 minutes around the stone.

3, north and south windows arch

Windows Trails is 1.1miles long and it takes about an hour to explore this area. North and South windows is a huge gable, up to 40 meters long, more than 200 meters long, the thickness of not more than 4 meters. Two huge eyes of the same window, each 25 meters long, 12 meters high, oval, two eyes are in the middle of a beam is very like a person’s nose. Also close by are Double Arch Arch, 0.25mile journey, about half an hour and a half.

4, fine arches

Arches National Park logo, Utah license plate above the pattern. There are two options depending on time and strength: Delicate Arch Trail and Delicate Arch Viewpoint, the former walk back and forth takes 2 hours, the sunset when the most beautiful scenery, the latter drive up to see the arches only nail cover size.

5, landscape arches

The landscape arches are the longest arch in the archway park, with a total of 306 feet long in the Devils Garden area in the deepest park. From Devils Garden Trail starting distance 0.8mile, the road is very good (Trail logo is green), travel time about 1 hour. There are also part of the archway near the archition, Navajo Arch, Trail on the way there is a fork in the road, you can go to Pine Tree Arch and Tunnel Arch, not far from the distance.

You can also visit Sand Dune Arch (0.2miles), Broken Arch (0.6miles) and Skyline Arch (0.2miles) on the road to Devils Garden.

6, double zero arches

Double O Arch is located in the back of the Devils Garden, from the landscape arches to the depths, the road becomes rugged (Trail logo for the blue), landscape arch to double zero arch single 1.2miles, about 1 hour. Unlike the north and south windows of the Window Section, this Double O is the upper and lower structure. Visitors can always go below the arches and contact with the arches at the closest distance.

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