Canada Rocky Mountain National Park,I believe we will not be unfamiliar,here is the best representative of Canada’s great rivers and mountains,so Rocky Mountain National Park is to Canada must travel attractions.Rocky Mountain presents a different look all year round,hiking in this summer,rock climbing,rafting,etc.,to the winter hot springs,skiing,ice fishing is more fun.Canada Rocky Mountain National Park tourism,this winter makes you become different!

Banff climate

Banff temperatures are relatively mild in winter compared to Edmonton and other central Alberta areas.The average January minimum temperature in Banff is-15°C,with an average maximum temperature of-5°C.In summer,the weather is pleasant with an average July maximum temperature of 22°C and a minimum of 7°C.

Best travel season

Banff Park is ideal for all year round,with the peak season in summer(mid-June to mid-September),with a wide range of events available in all seasons.In winter,many tourists like to go skiing and ice climbing because of the best snow quality in the Rockies and world-class ski resorts.The beauty of the summer lake is very beautiful,visitors can walk hiking,rock climbing,rafting and so on.

Winter entertainment

Skiing:Banff National Park has three world-class championships-Lake Louise Ski Resort,Sun Village Ski Resort,Naukui Mountain Ski Resort.These three snow fields cover an area of​​7,750 acres and offer a paradise for ski lovers and snowboarders.Even skiing here for a month,will never encounter repeated slide.

Dog sledding:Dog sleds were originally used by Eskimos as a means of transportation,but they were also winter’s must-have outdoor experiences at Banff National Park.The friendly and hospitable Canadian Huskies can experience the thrill of galloping through the vast fields of the Canadian Rocky Mountains or enjoying the spectacular glaciers and icefalls along the way,under the control of professionals.

Skating:Skating is the most popular rides in Banff National Park in winter.Outdoor skating rinks are free to visitors.

Ice Fishing:Ice Fishing Surprises anglers who come to Banff in winter.Led by professional guides,ice fishing will definitely gain..Every winter from December to April,a 45-minute drive from Banff,you can go fishing in the Spray Lake nestled between the snow-capped mountains,the winter can be seen mainly in the fish and trout in the lake and the Rockies Silverfish-based.

Hot Springs:The most famous hot spring in Banff National Park is UpperHot Springs,a large outdoor hot spring,which is open all year long and allows visitors to enjoy the hot springs around the mountains..There is Canada’s largest SPA Spa-Willow Creek Hot Springs,located in the Banff Springs Hotel.

Holiday activities

Banff National Park has many traditional annual events,including Banff Indian Day beginning in 1889 and the Banff Winter Carnival.Since 1976,the Banff Center has curated the Banff Mountain Cinema Festival.

Summer entertainment

Camping:The Parks Canada requires the use of campgrounds,Canadian shanty clubs and other facilities to purchase field permits and to demand protection in these areas.

Fishing:Banff National Park has many lakes and rivers for tourists to provide fishing services,mainly in all kinds of trout.Trouts can even be seen swimming in the clear rivers and lakes.So fishing rod thrown into the water,the harvest will be much beyond imagination.

Rafting:Canada’s rivers are known for their surging waves,rapids and waves,and the tame rivers provide a great showcase for those who love to drift around.

Canoe:Summer came to Banff National Park,one of the most popular tourist adventure is to take a canoe,along the bow river valley waterway,boating in the green lake on the line,touch the distant Xue snow sink Very incomparable into the extremely cool lake.May also see beaver,eagle,black bear and other wildlife.Local professional staff will guide you on canoeing methods and safety tips and provide maps.

Carriage Tours and Riding:Horse Riding The sport in Banff is an historic outdoor adventure.Riding on horseback along the mountain trails to explore more of the Rocky Mountains,from a height overlooking the scattered jasper in the mountains of the lake,breathing the fresh air in the mountains.Horse riding trips can be an hour or up to all day.En route to camping or staying in the lodge.

Walking hiking:feel the fresh air in the wild,the perfect trail design and beautiful scenery along the road is the most direct way for tourists close to nature.Hiking hikers can see elk,goat,marmot,beaver,bear or a wide variety of birds.Cycling enthusiasts who challenge themselves can take the helicopter,boarding the summit of the mountain in just a few minutes,and hiking at higher latitudes(Heli departs here to explore the unforgettable wilderness scenery.

Golf:Rocky Mountain has several championship-level golf courses,each with a proud natural scenery.Professional course design,coupled with the twists and turns of the special geographical environment,making the course full of challenges and full of freshness.Fresh air,magnificent scenery,many factors attract golfers from all over the world come to Banff a try.

Sightseeing Bus Tours:Tour buses offered by local travel agencies offer visitors the chance to enjoy the breathtaking Canadian Rockies.A number of tourist routes for visitors to enjoy the colorful original landscape.The most admired sightseeing route is undoubtedly Bow Valley Park Avenue,which presents travelers with the most beautiful lakes and mountains of Banff National Park,and occasionally encounters foraging wildlife.

Winter to Canada Rocky Mountain National Park is a very good choice of tourism,where you can experience the rich outdoor entertainment,hot springs snow,think is not it exciting!Follow the road quickly to enjoy the beauty of Canada!

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