Hawaii Volcano Island is the most unique tourist attractions, came to the United States do not miss this spectacle. So Hawaii volcano Island attractions in the end what kind of spectacular it? Going carefully to study this Volcano National Park free exercise of Raiders, Hawaii feel the beauty of another!

one. Attractions to visit

1, Kilauea Visitor Center and Museum

This is Volcano Park’s first stop, starting from the Kilauea Visitor Center and Museum at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. There is an hourly play of a movie about the volcano park that will give you an idea of ​​the park’s landscape. The center offers ranger talks and can arrange for guided tours by rangers.

2, Jargar Museum

The museum is named after the famous volcanologist Dr. Thomas Jagar, a museum and souvenir shop that complements the Visitor Center. The museum has a real-time monitoring of volcanic seismographs, where you will have a more in-depth understanding of volcanic geology.

3, steam vents and brave cliffs

Steam vents can be seen everywhere in the volcanic park. These sulfuric acid-free gases are worth taking a picture. In particular, the trail to the crater-caldera caldera shows the entire crater edge.

4, the ring route (Crater Rim Drive)

The circular route is an approximately 17,000-mile circular route that starts at the Kilauea Visitor Center, bypassing the edge of Kilauea Caldera. The road links to many major attractions and is well worth exploring. Tour around 40 minutes.

two. Play volcano National Park Notes:

Address: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, 1 Crater Rim Drive, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, HI 96718, USA

Opening hours: Killarve, $ 5 / E-Tour Center and Museum 7: 45-17: 00, Jagal Museum 8: 30-19: 30

Tickets: $ 10 / car (all valid within 7 days)

Visitor Service Center: Tour of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park from Visitor Service Center. Every day from 9: 00-16: 00, there is a movie about the volcano park that will give you an initial overview of the park. The center offers ranger talks and can arrange for guided tours by rangers.

Dining: Volcano House, on the edge of the Kilauea Visitor Center, is the only hotel in the mountains and one of the restaurants offers a buffet service. The restaurant offers not too many dishes but good tastes, and huge floor-to-ceiling windows allow you to enjoy the splendid view of the volcano while eating. Visitors who do not want to dine here must be prepared for food in advance, visiting Volcano Park but need enough physical strength.

Accommodation: It is recommended to choose accommodation “volcano House” hotel, or 45 minutes drive outside the town of Hilo.

three. The best way to play

1, Oshima helicopter play volcano national park

On the island of Hawaii, of course, can not miss watching the spectacular scenery of the active volcano eruption. The way to see the active volcano, helicopter viewing is the best point of view. Take a helicopter aerial view of the entire island and the volcano landscape, the scene quite shocking, it will certainly give you an eye-opener.

2, Oshima chartered volcanoes national park

The Big Island of Hawaii is a very young island and one of the largest islands. Choose chartered to play the Big Island, chartered to see Halle Mao Lamao crater, crater ring lane, Jagal Museum, Thurston lava channel, Akaka Falls State Park, choose chartered tour, free and comfortable travel.

3, Big Island day tour to play Volcanoes National Park

Big Island day trips not only can play volcanic National Park, you can also enjoy the day in the other famous attractions on the island, including Rainbow Falls, black sand beach, Orchid Garden, Hawaii bean factory.

four. Volcano National Park Travel Considerations

1, for safety reasons, please be sure to go in the marked way, pay attention to all the danger mark, away from the restricted area. Those areas may have harmful volcanic gas and unstable surface.

2, do not pick here volcanic stone home to commemorate, will bring bad luck – from the official warning Oh! It is said that many people do not listen to advice, as a result of doom again and again, until the stone back to the Hawaiian volcano in order to get rid of the spell.

3, be sure to wear comfortable shoes that can wrap the whole foot to prevent injury!

4, Please allow at least 1 day to visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The park is large and you will want to drive around but be sure to get off and walk on a marked 150 mile (240 km) trail to see more views.

5. If you can watch the active magma flow as you visit, the park manager will provide you with the latest information on volcanic eruptions and how to watch them. Please read and take note of all signs and warning signs left by the park manager to ensure your own safety.

6, because the park does not provide drinking water and food facilities, so you need to bring their own drinking water and food. Wear suitable shoes, trousers and blouses. Carry binoculars and flashlight for night use. Do not forget to bring your camera.

View Hawaii volcano Island attractions, experience the extraordinary travel experience, give you brilliant, dazzling visual gluttonous feast!

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