To Yellowstone National Park tourism is a very good experience, some people will choose their own friends and friends to go to Yellowstone National Park camping, feel the most native of the Yellowstone atmosphere. But what about the camp in Yellowstone? Now Xiaobian has done a good job in the Yellowstone Park free travel Raiders, so that you feel the height of the Yellowstone Park camping experience.

The best way to save money is to choose camping, a night of accommodation is enough to buy camping supplies, and savings are not only the virtues of the Chinese people, foreigners are like this. It is best to drive in the park around the city’s outdoor shop to buy tents, sleeping bags, moisture pad, camping cooking utensils. This outdoor shop is still quite a lot, such as REI, DICK, to the park, you will find their own decision is how correct, the province is not a little money. It should be noted that in the park you can not casually camp, but to a special camping point. The campgrounds and hotels in the park are managed by Xanterra, so it is convenient for you to book campings and hotels in any other place or hotel in the park.

There are camps in every big area of ​​the park. The camp is site by money, a site can accommodate 2 to 3 single or small double tents, the price is 18 dollars a night, which is quite cheap. In addition to the need to book the first day of the day, after a few days, you can leave every morning, in the current camp service center booking the next time to complete the time, so it is convenient to arrange the day trip, each camp to introduce The information on how to set the page under the page, the camp seems to need to be through the telephone, can not be online order.

When you arrive at the camp, you need to start the procedure at the entrance. It is very simple. The attendant will be very polite to tell you how to get to your site and some knowledge of wildlife attacks. If you arrive at a later time, the service center may go to get off work, then he will put your reservation information card hanging on the wall, you can find it.

The park’s general camp facilities are very simple, in addition to a toilet, there is no other facilities, if you want to drink hot water, you need to burn yourself. Each site has a brazier, you can buy some firewood in the service center. Many camps in addition to the service center no other facilities, and bathing is not all places have to eat.

Many camps do not have cell phone signals, can only use public telephone. You can pay by credit card, of course, very expensive. You can buy a phone card in advance, this will be cheaper.

On the issue of eating, because in many parts of the park are no restaurants, restaurants, then things are not cheap. The most economical way is to bring their own food, buy water in advance, bread, fruit, ham, these are necessary. Of course, can also be cooked in the camp to eat their own, which requires the equipment are ready, fresh meat and vegetables can enter the park in front of the supermarket on the supermarket to buy, the park seems to be no.

Yellowstone National Park camping will definitely give you a different travel experience, have the opportunity to come to feel!

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