Whether it is with friends and love, together to build a home, live with cooking, in the national park under the vast sky, around the campfire roasted marshmallow, far apart to chat, is definitely an unforgettable experience. Today, the road to hand to teach you the history of the whole country park camp Raiders, more exclusive camp Cheats Oh ~

Camping rookie primary knowledge – how to book a camp

About reservation

American national parks, almost all camps and RV parks, and each country park camp facilities are more complete. In general, the camp is a circular one-way street, driving his car into the park in the designated camp can stop camping friends.

Scheduled link

National Park official website: If you want to go to the national park, go directly to the official website of the national park official website for booking

Recreation.gov: A collection of almost all campable national park information on the site, you can book a camp

about the price

In general, the price of each camp is about 25 knives, and some also contain a bath ticket. After check-in, the staff will explain the precautions and the location of the camp. Each country park camp camp has an open time, usually in the annual four months to October or so open, the specific need to check the official website of the national park.

Grand Canyon National Park

Price: $ 18- $ 25 / night on average

The Mather Campground campsite of the Grand Canyon National Park south rim is open all year round and north rim is open every year from mid-May to the end of October

02 Bryce Canyon

Price: RV camp $ 30 / night, camping camp $ 20 / night

Blaise Valley RV camp is to accept the scheduled (can be half a year ahead), while the RV & Tent camp is not subject to booking, take the first-come-first-served mechanism, so if you need a small partner of RV & Tent site to go to the early position! (Open from May to September)

03 Arches National Park

Price: $ 25 / night on average

Arches National Park has 50 campsite can be booked, but the park itself is not booked and needs to be booked on the third party website www.recreation.gov.

04 Zion National Park

Price: $ 30 for camps, $ 20 for regular camps

Loop A & B area where winter camping is available can be booked, and the summer area is finished every year in March, so we want to go and book now …

05 Grand Teton National Park

Price: $ 22 / night

Only to accept the telephone booking 1-800-628-9988 or 307-543-3100, with particular attention, Jenny Lake near the camp can not stay more than 7 days, camping super enthusiasts need attention!

Camping can also buy buy – prepare equipment

About camp equipment

Camp standard configuration generally includes a tent can be built open space, a picnic table and a barbecue with a fire, and some national park camps and anti-bear’s iron box used to save food.

There are public toilets and classified trash cans in the campsite, and there are public shower rooms, laundry and commissaries. Camping in the public space will generally provide drinking water machines, sockets, and some will have firewood for sale.

Essential equipment

01 sleeping bag

Sleeping bag temperature must be comfortable, too cold, overheating will sleep. National Park generally sooner or later temperature difference, so according to the temperature to choose the right sleeping bag.

Sleeping bag selection – in the shape of the design are mainly mummies and envelopes.

Mummy bag is the most professional camping sleeping bags, warmth is better, from head to toe are tightly wrapped. But the flexibility is relatively poor, if more hot, it is difficult to flexible split.

Envelope sleeping bags Although the warmth is not as good as mummies, but the flexibility is better, you can pull when the quilt is used, even if not camping at home can also be used, according to the temperature hot and cold to split the adjustment.

Choose the most important bag must be warm it! The climate and conditions of each national park are not the same, if you feel that they will experience the camping life in different national parks, the experience of the path is to use a comfortable temperature standard 5 degrees Celsius envelope bag + fleece combination is appropriate, hot and cold Temperature difference can easily hold live.

02 sleeping pad & moisture pad

Many types of moisture-proof pad, a single layer, double, the physical foam-type moisture-proof pad and automatic inflatable. Price, function and weight are not the same. Go to the National Park camping small partners do not recommend a single layer of moisture-proof pad, because the national park is relatively heavy air, single-layer moisture-proof pad moisture effect is relatively poor.

For the primary campers, the road recommended double-layer moisture-proof pad, the price of the right function to meet the needs of high cost. The pursuit of comfort, then you can choose egg nest-style moisture pad, wavy-shaped mat according to ergonomic design, the first time to camping worry about sleep, you can choose this. But the disadvantage is relatively heavy and can not be compressed.

03 tents

Tent the most basic function must be wind, rain, in the national park at night there will be chilly wind, it is not recommended to choose a good summer tents, easy to put the heat inside the tent, the evening will be colder.

Summer weather in the national park, weatherproof tents are also necessary. The structure of the tent for the equipment of the party that choice can be more, there are two rooms and one hall, the three-bedroom structure, living room, bedroom are separated. Like a small villa, just heart!

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