To travel to the United States,must not miss the United States and West National Park,travel in the United States and the West National Park,many people will choose to camp outdoors.The United States West National Park camping Raiders take you to the most interesting travel,to your beautiful West American Park tourism to add a fun!


Clothing articles

The western United States is almost the desert and the Gobi,the summer daytime temperature of 40 degrees up and down,the sinister sun can be a layer of skin,so be sure to do sunscreen measures,sunscreen,hats,sunglasses,let’s go.And in the mountains and other high altitude at night the temperature may be reduced to ten degrees,it is recommended to prepare a coat to prepare for contingencies.

Diet articles

National parks are generally in sparsely populated areas,so certainly do not think of a real treat.Not only can not find the taste of Chinese food,and even hamburgers,sandwiches are not ready to eat at any time.My solution is to bring an Ice Cooler,and then install some easy to process semi-finished food(sausage,ham,barbecue,dumplings…),boiled at the camping point or a boiled or baked.

Ice in a variety of supermarkets,convenience stores can be bought,about one to two days for a time.Really want to thank ubiquitous McDonald’s.In addition,instant noodles should be enough,sometimes eat a few meals after the instant noodles can bring you a great sense of happiness.

Accommodation articles

If it is not scheduled for a long time in advance,in such a time period is almost very difficult to a reasonable price set to the location of convenient accommodation.So I turned my eyes on camping.Camping not only can be more in-depth experience of the magnificent scenery of the national park,but also can save considerable accommodation costs and round-trip time,why not?

Campgrounds in national parks are generally located in excellent locations,not only good scenery,but also often near the hiking trails,during the day to walk,come back at night barbecue,in my opinion is the best way to play.

It should be noted that many campgrounds also need to be scheduled,the time may be a few weeks ahead of time.But there are some first-come,first-served(first come first served),be sure to advance in the national park official website check the campground information.


For the sunny,sparsely beautiful West,the most suitable way to travel is of course the car.The basic road facilities in the national park are very good,so whether you are a car or SUV will not have any problems.But taking into account the travel of so many days of a pile of luggage,equipment,even on the roadside stop,long-distance driving comfort and safety,etc.,I am afraid that some of the more suitable SUV.

National Park tickets are generally$15~30 per vehicle,if you decide to go to a number of national parks within a year,it is best to spend$80 to buy a full year pass:Interagency Annual Pass.Not only save money,and sometimes can save a lot of time queuing.

In advance to understand the United States West National Park camping the whole Raiders,a wonderful tour of the US West National Park,will make you feel the unprecedented passion and excitement!

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