Arches National Park,watch the well-preserved dinosaur footprint,feel the magic of the red sandstone,arches of different shapes,the United States Arches National Park is definitely worth exploring to the depth of tourism.American Arches National Park Itinerary Recommended has been prepared for everyone,go to Arches National Park to experience the gorgeous adventure of beauty.

First,the United States Arches National Park map,location

Arch national park is located in Grand County,southeastern Utah,covers an area of​​309.7 square kilometers,is the world’s largest gathering place of sandstone arch.

Second,Arches National Park weather

Arches National Park is located on the west coast of the United States,so the climate is subtropical.The average winter temperature is about 5-15 degrees,summer is about 22-36 degrees.In fact,Arches National Park and the weather in southern China is not much difference,before the trip may be concerned about the local real-time weather conditions.

Third,Arches National Park tickets

20 US dollars/car,tickets include tourist tickets and bus tickets within the park,other costs need to take care of themselves.(Ticket prices may change over time)

Fourth,Arches National Park opening hours

Except for December 25 each year,the other 265 days are fully open with the fewest in December-January and the peak travel season in March-October.

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Arches National Park Tourism will not disappoint you,save this arches National Park recommended itinerary,enjoy your romantic holiday.

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