Yellowstone National Park is a famous tourist attraction in the Yellowstone National Park, there are many natural beauty of the original landscape, many more plants and animals coexist. So what do you want to plan for traveling by car in Yellowstone National Park? What must-see attractions? The following lulutrip for everyone to detail Car Rental Yellowstone National Park Raiders, take a drive to the park to go around!

Yellowstone National Park Drive Raiders

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Yellowstone National Park Zijia planning must-see attractions:

1, Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Roosevelt National Park is located in North Carolina, North Dakota. The park was named for the memory of President Roosevelt, who spent some time here as president and ran pastures to raise cattle. His own experience here had a great influence on the future president, and made him seriously recognize the conservation of the natural environment. The main terrain in the park is grassland and evil land. The terrain of such terrain is caused by the continuous accumulation of a large amount of minerals eroded by the river from the Rocky Mountain, forming a protruding rock mass. At the same time, the river continues to scour the soft rock formations and form this special landscape now.

2, Virgin Islands National Park

Virgin Islands National Park Famous for its natural beauty, the Virgin Islands National Park is a volcanic island park surrounded by beaches and coral reefs. It has Caribbean beaches and tropical forests and mountains. The island is small, but the island has narrow roads, curving roads and some slopes Steep (may have 40 degrees), and left driving left, on the driving skills is a test, so when traveling by car you should pay attention to traffic safety.

Yellowstone National Park is mainly located in Wyoming, the United States, part of Montana and Idaho, the park is the world’s first national park, is also one of the world’s largest crater, it has the world’s largest forest One of the park’s forests accounted for about 90% of the total forest area of ​​the United States, the water surface accounts for about 10%. Yellowstone National Park is proud to be called “the world’s most magical paradise on Earth.” Park traffic convenient, Huan-Shan Road up to 500 kilometers, the major scenic spots of the United together, on foot more than 1,500 kilometers.

4, Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park, generally referred to as Yosemite National Park, is located in the western United States of California. Although some of the falls within the park have water currents, the season will dry up in late summer and early autumn. In addition, the back of the mountain there are many beautiful lakes, highlands grasslands, other canyons, etc., is worth a visit. In the Yosemite National Park, the blue lake reflects the cedar long edges, reflecting the brown high peaks, reflecting the large chunks of snow in the valley, and the white clouds in the sky. Opposite the eye across the lake, on one side of this oval lake grow into pieces of cedar, while the other side of the mountain peaks rise, not long. And on the bare rock surface, covered this piece of snow and ice. This snow, which is white, is so close under the bright sunshine of the June moon, as if it were within reach, as if it had been sweet.

5, Zion National Park

Zion Hill is located in the southwestern Utah in the United States, known for its colorful gorges, the most famous of which is called the “White King” of the solitary peak, this peak up to 427 meters, from the bottom of the valley flat ground, towering Towers, quite a lot of rock color, the bottom of the red, gradually turned pink, white. Gou peak, green Cong Cong, very pretty, as if a gorgeous Yuzhu, standing in the colorful canyon among.

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