The beauty of the United States and the United States to the National Park map for the free travel is essential to the front of the equipment, so that can plan a good tourist routes, will not miss the wonderful tourist attractions. The United States and the United States and the United States to the United States and the National Park, is every traveler aspire to the place, to explore the best features of the United States and West Park it.

Bride veil waterfall

Yosemite National Park is about three hours away from our airport. We can also take a look at the land of the United States on the land, because the longitude of the United States is very large, so the scenery is different. Came to the park inside, all of a sudden by its magnificent captured, although the park attractions are concentrated in the valley, but other places can also be said to be wonderful, through a mountain road, to find their own different Of the scenery, this fun is the general park can not give. Park to the valley as the center, the valley of the silent flow of the river, the mountains in series, the end is a big waterfall, deafening, looking at the gods of nature, can not help but lament the human small, valleys, peaks, All this constitutes the magical place of Yosemite. General tourist routes

Here I will give you talk about how to better visit the park. Yosemite in the local known as the “Grizzlies”, meaning is magnificent. One into the park, the first thing that catches the eye is a large waterfall, tall cliff pouring and a water under the water, may not have to the season it, little water, but do not have a flavor. This is a small waterfall, called the “bride veil waterfall”, probably because of its less water because of it, and then go inside is a huge waterfall, fly down, deafening, as if God fell a glass of water, boom Rumbling, the impact to the bottom of the lake, nourishing the following flowers and trees, very charm, so this waterfall is one of the world’s top ten famous waterfalls.

The park is naturally no trees, lush, there are towering redwoods, huge black oak cedar, etc., inadvertently can see the world’s rare trees, more than a tree with nearly 3000 years of age, is the world On the existence of the largest tree, amazing. Walking along the path, the majestic three brothers and the arrows of the rock and arrow rock suddenly burst into your eyes, quiet streams, several mountains here, this landscape is attracted every year Thousands of tourists, so that they immersed in the arms of nature quietly enjoy life.

Self-heat is so, quietly give people the beauty of the enjoyment of the beauty of the scenery, never return, it is so we want to better protect nature, protect our planet. Although the time is short, but the beautiful mood will continue, thanks to the organization of the Beijing youth travel agency, let us taste this beautiful and easy Yosemite trip. This is also my introduction to how to visit the United States Yosemite National Park.

Yosemite National Park map, give you a more exciting travel experience, Yosemite National Park is the best choice for the United States and the United States resort travel, bring friends to feel it again.

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