Said Boston most impressed everyone should be the world’s top two universities – Harvard and MIT, in fact, there are many tourist attractions in Boston. In this season you missed a tour of Boston on the 2nd, do not worry, the road trip has been arranged for everyone season Boston Freeway IN course waiting for you, take a look at the city now!

First Day Tour of Boston 2 Day Tour: Harvard University – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The first day to Boston’s two most famous prestigious universities, with a full day in Harvard and MIT stroll, do not have to hurry, relax in the top institutions to relax. Today’s first stop is the world’s first institution – Harvard University, on campus, we can go to Harvard Square to go, this is the geographical symbol of Harvard University, each year there are more than 8 million tourists come to visit. Next is another famous university – modern science and technology Hall – MIT, which is the most desirable place for all science and engineering students in the world-class elite, it is still less than 150 years of history is still very young, but 78 Nobel Prize winners were born here.

Boston 2 Day Tour Course: Boston Museum of Fine Arts – Trinity Church – Boston Public Library – Boston Park – The Freedom Trail – Boston Bay

Today, the first stop to visit the Museum of Fine Arts, where you can see the treasures from China, as well as Impressionist Monet’s “wearing a kimono girl”, “water lilies.” Take a 20-minute walk from the Museum of Fine Arts to reach the historic Trinity Church, admire the beautifully carved bas-relief of red walls and listen to Bible stories in the crowded metropolis. About 5 minutes walk to the Boston Public Library, where you can freely visit. Then you can go to the nearby Boston Park for a break. Departing from Boston Common, there is a winding, red brick-covered winding street, an important route to Boston’s history – the Freedom Trail, with many historic sites and attractions in-line. Finally, may wish to come to Boston Bay, feel free to find a restaurant, choose an open-air location, taste the delicious at the same time, enjoy the sunset Boston Bay views.

Boston is the oldest city in the United States with more than three hundred years of history. This Boston 2-Day Tour will give you an insight into this place and quickly get to know the city with your friends!

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