Boston is rich in culture, with many world famous colleges such as Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Berkeley College of Music, Boston College, Williams College, as well as solemn, solemn Trinity Church, Boston fun attractions are numerous. With the Boston tourist map, feel the Boston cultural atmosphere, will give you a unique travel experience!

1, Harvard University

Harvard University, one of the Ivy League schools. Is by far the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States and one of the world’s top institutions of higher education. Walking on the Harvard campus, the ancient red brick building simple and elegant, surrounded by green trees, full of Fang Fei. Solemn campus classrooms, elegant style of the campus restaurant, everywhere revealed the prestige of the school and the atmosphere.

2, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology south of the charming scenery of the Charles River, west Harvard. Charles River on the white line, waves rippling, for this science and technology school decorated with poetic. There are dozens of buildings on campus, all with the historical changes in the emergence of different architectural styles. Various shapes, all kinds of meaning of the sculpture, works of art scattered throughout the campus, for a long time naturally become a symbol of the campus.

3, Trinity Church

Boston’s famous Trinity Church is located in the center of the Copley Square, the appearance of the rose-colored sandstone and the bronze gates have made it a moment of sight. Like all the famous churches, it is solemn and solemn. Especially the two high doors, people seem to find the attribution of the soul. The 60-storey Hancock Building is the commanding heights of the city, accompanied by a reflection of a transparent building, a quaint church and a towering glass building.

4, Massachusetts State Capitol Building

The building is located at the top of the mountain lighthouse in Boston. Built in 1798, by the famous architect of the 18th century Charles Bu Bu Fenqi design, a unique state of the building of the Golden Summit has long been a symbol of the city of Boston. It is described by Oliver Wendell Holmes as “the center of the solar system.”

5, Boston Harbor

Boston is the largest port city in the northeastern United States, the east coast of Hong Kong recently from Europe. There are 158 deep-water terminals, ocean-going wheels are free to access, or one of the major fishing ports in the United States. After sunset, stroll in the harbor, intoxicated I do not know the return road.

6, Quincy market

Quincy market is one of the attractions that Boston will visit. There are many food stalls in the central building of the market. In addition, the whole square there are many historical buildings, the market before and after the export are built in Roman architectural style, granite building materials and modern American style rectangular glass, Quincy market successfully Classical beauty and modern beauty into one.

Boston travel map, together to enjoy the unique atmosphere of Boston, feel the most charismatic city of the United States.

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