Boston, the United States, is a city rich in culture. In Boston, you can understand and recognize many humanities and histories you did not know. Therefore, when traveling to the United States, it is imperative that you travel to Boston. So how to arrange a tour in Boston? Here is a detailed introduction to Boston three-day line guide, take you to explore this city of art.

Boston Day 1

Choose a path that best represents the history of the United States, follow the ancient red brick road to the bustling Quincy Market or enjoy a delicious afternoon stroll to the Seaside Park, windswept and relax completely.

1. the road to freedom

How to Play: The Freedom Trail, which is 2.5 miles in length, takes a day to complete and you can pick up some of them and visit two or three historic sites and buildings, including the Kings Chapel and the Old State Capitol.

2. Quincy Market

How to Play: Quincy Market is one of Boston’s busiest shopping and culinary destinations, where you can find a variety of street shows, specialty souvenirs and branded apparel. Seafood restaurants or American fast food are great options.

3. Mike’s Pastry

How to Play: A 15-minute walk from Quincy Market is in the Italian part of Boston. Enjoy an Italian meal after a great meal, perfect! This creamy roll is arguably the hottest dessert in Boston, ready to go in line.

Boston  Day 2

Visit the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and the Isabella Garner Art Museum, where you can savor fine art pieces. Prudential Building in the afternoon to visit Baode Shun, finally in the top viewing restaurant to enjoy the delicious.

4. Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Play Guide: This museum collection of Egypt, Greece, Rome, Europe, East Asia, India and other places of various periods of cultural relics and art treasures. Not many people come here to visit, you can quietly enjoy every piece of art treasures.

5. Isabella Garner Museum of Art

Play Guide: Not far from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, this private museum was once a private home for collector Isabella. There are 2,500 art galleries, sculptures and other artefacts of world famous artists. You can see a lot of sketches or sitting quietly in the central greenery of classical gardens.

Prudential Building

What to Play: This is the most important shopping destination in Boston. It brings together many international famous brands and American local brands such as clothes, cosmetics, electronic products and so on. There are covered lawns and seats in the spacious corridors for people to rest.

7.Top of the Hub

Play Guide: Boston’s most favorite landscape restaurant, you can overlook the bright lights of the night in Boston, while Boston’s most famous lobster feast, remember to make an appointment in advance.

Boston Day 3

Turn to Harvard University campus, visit a small museum or listen to a speech, there are many bookstores and cafes near the university. Afternoon to Boston Park, the beautiful scenery is suitable for taking pictures all year round, and finally to the public library next to the park reading or viewing.

Harvard University

Play Guide: Here is the world’s most famous institution, walk in the campus feel strong academic atmosphere. There are many popular bookshops and art shops around the school, and at noon you can choose a literary café or restaurant.

9.Border Cafe (Cambridge shop)

Play Guide: Harvard Square, there are many gourmet options, Border Cafe blend Texas, Mexico and Indian flavor, is an exotic Latin American cuisine small. Omelet tacos, corn flakes, chicken rolls, paella and other classic dishes are available. There are sour and spicy flavors, as well as french fries and chicken nuggets. Open-minded murals and ornaments, hearty hot atmosphere and delicious affordable cuisine makes Border Cafe extremely popular with young people.

Boston Park

Play guide: this quiet city park all year round beautiful scenery, luxuriant flowers, quiet lake and flocks of wild ducks constitute a vivid picture, the park is also very intimate set a lot of framing, any Angle can form a beautiful picture.

11. Boston Public Library

Play Guide: This Renaissance-style library is very gorgeous interior, you can visit for free, the library will hold some regular art exhibitions, beautiful courtyard also supplies afternoon tea.

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