New York, United States I believe we are all too familiar, but to New York you know what coordinates will play attractions? Only well prepared, your journey will be more exciting, Lulutrip has prepared for everyone a Chinese New York travel map, together into the international metropolis in New York to  understand the bustling.

1.Empire State Building

Are you tired of looking up at the skyscrapers in New York City? Why not try to overlook New York City from the top floor of the Empire State Building? If you buy tickets online in advance, you can avoid long lines waiting for the Empire State Building tickets.

2.Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is a gift the French people gave to the American people in commemoration of the friendship established between the two countries during the French Revolution. The Statue of Liberty has become a symbol of freedom in the United States and welcomes immigrants from all parts of the world who have settled in the United States for the pursuit of a better life.

3. Grand Central Terminal

Reconstruction since its opening in 1913 has transformed Central Station from a simple transport hub into an integrated shopping and shopping center. There is a choice of sightseeing tours to the Central Station as well as free, personal, free flights on Wednesdays and Fridays.

4. Rockefeller Center

The Rockefeller Center in downtown Manhattan, with its Christmas tree, skating rink, Top of the Rock Observation Deck, Radio City Muic Hall, and countless shopping centers, ] Known. The Rockefeller Center is a must-visit for tourists any time of the year.

5.Ellis Island Immigration Museum

The Ellis Island Immigration Museum offers visitors a great opportunity to learn about the history of immigrants. Interactive exhibitions, walking tours and movies fully reveal the difficulties and challenges that immigrants came to the United States via Ellis Island.

6.Staten Island Ferry

Staten Island Ferry is a free ferry from Lower Manhattan to Staten Island and faces locals who frequent frequent trips to and from those who wish to visit New York Harbor and the Statue of Liberty.

7. American Museum of Natural History

Since its opening to the public in 1869, the Museum of Natural History has undergone countless changes and has grown in size. In addition to the Rose Center Planetarium and regular exhibits, the American Museum of Natural History organizes a series of recurring exhibitions. Therefore, visitors can always see some fresh things.

8.Central Park

For more than 150 years, Central Park has become a place for people to temporarily avoid the concrete atmosphere of New York City. Take a stroll here, row a boat, or enjoy a sneeze A and you will find out why Central Park is popular.

9.Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of New York has an extremely rich collection of over 2 million artworks from all over the world. The Metropolitan Museum is undoubtedly a landmark art museum worth visiting.

10.The Museum of Modern Art, MoMA

Founded in 1929 by Timothy Hursley, the Museum of Modern Art in New York is the first museum dedicated to the promotion of modern art. The Museum of Modern Art, New York, rich in modern art exhibits unforgettable. From paintings, sculptures to films and architecture, everyone can find something of interest in the wide variety of modern art museum collections.

Have not been to New York travel friends, may wish to travel in New York, will give you the best travel experience. After reading this New York travel map, I believe you have been moving, go and enjoy the spectacular scenery of the United States and Timor now!

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