There is no one is your concern, there is no one scene so that you stunning, the world is so big, you most want to go there to see?

Have seen him a friend in New York because of the inside of the sentence if you love him to take him New York, because there is heaven; if you hate him to take him to New York, because there is hell of the lines impressed.

In fact, not only New York, in the United States, any city is like this, as a representative of the developed countries, the United States has a lot of beautiful attractions, the above mentioned New York is the representative of the eastern city of the United States, today we start from New York Look at the beautiful scenery of the eastern United States!

First, the New York City Tour  about 100 km

One of the world’s tallest buildings, the Empire State Building, has a total of 102 floors, including a television antenna tower with a height of 1454 feet (about 443.18 meters). It is an architectural building built in an ornamental art and was built in 1931. Visitors on the 86th and 102th floor can be seen in the vicinity of the four state part of the scenery, in the 86th floor on the outdoor stroll site.

Many people are directed at the night to go, big New York night really praise, “Seattle sleepless night” so that the Empire Building has become the hearts of people love the Holy Land, “Beijing met Seattle” Let us give him a yearning. Empire Building staged a lot of romantic love, really want to know when the next love happened, is such a story?

Free goddess tour, you can enjoy the Manhattan port scenery, in a humorous, knowledgeable tour guide under the guidance of your New York City history and building to understand the understanding. Whether you are the first time or the Nth time to New York City, you can once again feel from the plane point of view Manhattan prosperity.

Second, Philadelphia – Washington DC about 400 km

Philadelphia, the fifth largest city in the United States, is located on the banks of the Delaware River in Pennsylvania. “Philadelphia” is the Chinese abbreviation.

Philadelphia Independence Memorial The Philadelphia Memorial in Philadelphia’s huge Philadelphia Park is one of the most magnificent buildings in the city. The memorial was a hundred years in Philadelphia in 1876, designed by Herman J. Schwartzman.

In the Philadelphia National Independent Historical Park, the independent building, including the independent palace, free clock and other buildings, Liberty Bell is a symbol of the American Revolution, white doors and windows, spire, fence dotted with red buildings, revealing the traditional simple and elegant, Solemnly. In the memory of most people, then the “Declaration of Independence” is in this red brick building signed. $ 100 cash on the pattern ah!

The free bell is a clock with a crack, but the clock is dilapidated, but it has experienced almost all the important events of the founding of the United States, for the Declaration of Independence and Ming, for the war of independence and Ming, for the federal constitution and Ming, died for the father died , And then later for the annual independence of the day and Ming. It is the most important symbol of the American War of Independence, but also a symbol of freedom and justice, Philadelphia landmarks, the symbol of American independence.

The Lincoln Memorial is a memorial designed to commemorate US President Lincoln, located on the west side of the National Mall in Washington, DC, before the Arlington Memorial Bridge, with the Congress and the Washington Monument Into a line. Lincoln Memorial by the United States National Garden Council (NationalParkService) management, perennial free opening to the outside world. The whole building was rectangular, about 58 meters long, classical architecture. Memorial Hall outside the East Gate, the broad layers of progressive layers, the number of visitors will be introduced to the holy memorial hall.

Lincoln Memorial Hall Corridor around a total of 36 pillars, 13.4 meters high column, the bottom diameter of 2.26 meters. The thick corridors are of the style of the Greek Parthenon, symbolizing Lincoln’s 36 states in the United States. There are 48 drooping flats on the top of the memorial hall, representing the 48 states of the United States when the memorial hall is completed. The top of the pillar is engraved with the names of 48 states.

Third, Washington – Corning Glass Center – Niagara Falls  about 560 km

China has a famous Jingdezhen, the United States also renowned at home and abroad “Corning Glass Center” (Corning Museum of Glass). This is an antique little town. Corning’s glass, porcelain in the United States as the status of Jingdezhen porcelain in China’s position, in the world is also famous. Corning Glass Center can be said to be the magic of the glass world, where about 100,000 pieces of glass boutique and art carving glass display, these exquisite glass products, or colorful, or crystal clear, dazzling, dizzying to.

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