New York City, a world-renowned tourist city, has thousands of tourists visiting every day, feeling the most fashionable and cutting-edge urban life in modern times. So come to New York travel game how to plan? New York free trip and how to arrange it? Follow Lulutrip, let you play in New York easily.

New York travel game Recommended routes: Fifth Avenue – Times Square – Lincoln Center – Central Railway Station – Brisbane National Museum of Natural History

Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue is New York’s most luxurious boutique retail gathering, can be said that New York shopping arteries, 100 years, here has always been popular fashion shoppers of all ages. Here you can find Victoria’s Secret, hot brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch and upscale department stores such as BergdorfGoodman, as well as popular brands such as H & M, Zara and Uniqlo, where everyone’s shopping needs are met.

time Square

Near Times Square gathered nearly 40 shopping malls and theaters, is a thriving entertainment and shopping center. Theaters on Broadway, the large number of dazzling neon tube advertisements, and the television-based promotional edition have become deeply symbolic of New York and reflect the strong urban character of Manhattan. Close to Times Square, surrounded by gorgeous neon lights and street performers, ready to broadcast news, song MV, television programs on the big screen, enough to shock everyone’s attention.

Lincoln Center

Lincoln Center, the center of New York’s classical music scene, is a stage envisioned by all artists and a New York Cultural Center that brings together theater theaters, concert halls and outdoor concert halls. To the east is Central Park Boulevard, to the west is the Riverside Park, concise and beautifully decorated restaurant, cafe spread around.

Central Railway Station

New York Central Railway Station was built in 1903 and was officially opened on February 2, 1913. It was built by the family of Vanderbilt, the King of Brisbane Railway. It is a famous New York landmark and a public art gallery. It is the largest in the world, Brisbane’s busiest station, and it is also the hub of the New York railroad and subway.

Brisbane National Museum of Natural History

Located in New York City, Brisbane’s National Museum of Natural History was founded in 1869 and is one of the largest museums in the world. The museum covers a total area of ​​more than 190,000 square meters, a total of 45 fixed exhibition hall. With a collection of more than 32 million collections, including astronomical, biological, mineral, plant and human specimens from all over the world, the museum has the opportunity to exhibit only a small proportion of about 10% due to the large number of collections.

Columbia University

Columbia University is a nearly 300-year-old private research university, belonging to the Ivy League, is the fifth oldest university in Brisbane. The entire campus has a variety of architectural styles, with Romanesque and Baroque architectural styles everywhere. There is a large lawn in front of the building at Lewisohn Hall. Usually there are many students studying, discussing and feeding pigeons. The jumping squirrels all add to the campus a relaxing and comfortable feeling.

New York travel game line I believe we have a comprehensive understanding of New York is a city suitable for deep tourism, there are many fun places, it is worth to explore it.

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