History, nature, precipitation, wonders, when we travel, the pursuit of things is nothing more than that. However, there is a place where the world-class metropolis is a very busy city, is a lot of people longing for the struggle of the land, is a great place to achieve a miracle, New York. To many people will not figure out, to New York tourism, such a modern metropolis, can see what, what to travel it? In fact, mountains and rivers are magnificent mountains and rivers, the city has the charm of the city, it is better to be so successful on a three-day tour of New York, give each other a chance?
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If you leave a new three days to New York, then the time is very abundant, the first morning also do not rush to travel, it is better to find a breakfast shop in Chinatown, slowly fill the stomach first, and sure enough China’s appetite still With the Chinese taste can be met. Then we set out to the World Trade Center Memorial Hall, but on the road can also be seen in the news of the news, the film appears high rate of the Supreme Court, the municipal hall. 9.11 incident is the heart of every American people can never obliterate the pain, and the World Trade Center because of this a catastrophe and no longer exist, and later built a memorial, built in the original site of the free tower. Then we can see to the church, perhaps with Italy, Russia, those people from the appearance of the shock of the church is different, this church is small, but in the reinforced concrete New York, this is indeed a unique The scenery. And then you can go to see that often beat the New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street bull. Afternoon to Fort Park, and then back to Brooklyn, enjoy the night.

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The next day we went to the New York Metropolitan Museum, as one of the world’s four major art museums, the number and quality of collections can be imagined, if nothing is prepared to go, I am afraid some pity. You can download an official APP in the phone, look ahead can also better understand the collection, with their history and stories to visit. The collection of the exhibition hall are gathered from the world, there are precious works of Egypt and China, is very rare, but when visiting, the mood may be some complicated it. In the afternoon, we can go to Rockefeller Center, overlooking the Manhattan on the top of the boulder. In the vicinity of Fifth Avenue in New York, is the Museum of Modern Art, compared to the history of the museum, a lot of things on display, the scope will be more extensive, a huge landing window, the natural introduction of the sky, which are collection of contemporary art Goods, and the traditional museum has a subtle contradiction, but the taste or to yourself to feel it.
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The third day, the morning we will go to the Chelsea market, a rare 120-year history of the market Oh, now is a very famous food area. In the Chelsea market, the first can not be missed must be the day of the seafood, lobster, oysters, salmon, compared to the restaurant which is very convenient to eat them, but I feel in the market to see their fresh vitality Look more pleasant. Want to eat what, on the spot to pick, and then you can eat on the spot, in addition to dining here, you can also buy a lot of things, jam bread, cheese bacon, wish every Chelsea market to eat cute goods are dazzled,

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Finally it is sure to board the Empire State Building, as a destination for this tour, very iconic, 1050 feet high, sunny weather, enough to overlook the whole of New York City, give us a successful conclusion of New York trip.

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