New York is the largest city in the United States and one of the largest cities in the world. Therefore, traveling to the United States will surely not miss such an international metropolis. New York’s famous attractions are numerous, little-known should be the Statue of Liberty. The following lulutrip for everyone to introduce New York three days Raiders, so that everyone a wonderful trip to New York.

New York three days tour TIPS

1, New York is in fact very safe, there are police everywhere, and those seemingly scary black friends are actually friendly

2, New York architecture A variety of beauty, comfortable shoes, walking tour in New York is very recommended

3, a subway MTA card is necessary, 7 days Pass is 30 dollars

4, living in the Metro Line will be very convenient because it crosses Times Square, Wall Street, the Statue of Liberty to New York Pier will go

5, JFK Airport Hall 4 has a mailbox, so do not leave the postcard to the airport

6, shopping, if it is a famous brand name can consider going to the airport to buy tax-free, because the New York tax high

7, the streets of northern Manhattan are neat, the name is from 1thstreet number to 242thstreet, so the location is relatively easy to find

8, New York aspect a lot, but most are in the road, before doing homework will not miss want to see the place

9, ChinaTown’s ILove New York souvenirs are much cheaper than Times Square

The first day (on foot from north to south)

Central Park – Fifth Avenue – New World Plaza – Macy’s – Empire State Building

10am arrived in New York, went to the hotel baggage, make up a feeling, 5pm began its journey. From 79thstreet (where my hotel is) until 34thstreet. First through the Central Park, a large park, there are many monuments, sculpture is worth to go. And New York University, Lincoln Center is also on both sides of the park. From Central Park, you can go straight to Fifth Avenue and you can then go to Times Square. Stay tuned along the way, Broadway, Morgan Stanley, many well-known recording studios, NBC are on this road, do not just pay attention to brand advertising missed these. This is followed by the famous Macy’s Macy’s on 34thstreet. This shop a total of 9 layers, has been a hundred years of history. Then there is the Imperial Hotel, just one block from Macy’s. Night view is super recommended and can go later, I go to 11 at night, relatively few people. It is recommended to buy tickets online, you can save the queue.

Day 2 University Tour (Metro)

Columbia University on 116thstreet is a must go, if interested, go to his official website signup a tour to complete a detailed visit. Next to BarnardCollege is also a look. The rest of the time can go take a look at the museum. Natural History Museum at 79thstreet, Metropolitan Museum of 82thstreet.

The third day (walk south to north)

Statue of Liberty – Wall Street-911 Memorial – Brooklyn Bridge-LittleThirsty-SoHo

Many people may not know that the island where the Statue of Liberty is located is a national park. So do not worry, there are many boats soliciting tickets are included ferries. Suggest to go in the morning, otherwise the security check the team will be very long. Aspect is the Statue of Liberty and Ellisisland, the latter being the entrance to the United States by 18 European immigrants of the United States, with remodeled museums on the island’s remodeled immigration complex, worth a visit.

2 to 3 hours after the visit will be able to return to the ferry. Just 20 minutes north of the World Trade Center is the site of the World Trade Center, the new building and the 911 Memorial are still under construction, but to the general public. The existing unfinished part has been very shocked. Walk more than one street is Wall Street, Taurus Wall Street is not to be missed. Then go north is ChinaTown. Approach Brooklyn Bridge must be on the bridge to see the beauty. Personally think that walking back through the bridge is a good choice. ChinaTown, Little Italy, SoHo are not linked together, mainly catering and shopping.

New York City trip let you feel the city’s bustling and noisy, bring this New York Travel Guide and friends and family to play Fun New York ~

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