New York Washington tourist attractions there are many,Times Square,Metropolitan Museum,White House,Pentagon These are already well-known conventional attractions.Do not want to face the crowds of tourists in a daze?Want a little niche and special attractions?Here are some of your appetite for you.

High line garden

Was originally a 30 years ago,the old elevated railroad,after the transformation into a city air garden.High-line planted a variety of plants,can be uninterrupted throughout the year to provide a rich color change for the park.In the blue sky and white clouds against the background,the old train rail along the green plant on both sides of the extension.In the spring of April,the flowers in full bloom in the old railway road,meandering shuttle in the high-rise buildings,Manhattan built a dazzling city landscape.

West Village

Manhattan District Greenwich Village in the west,is the New York influx of people often visit the place,in addition to brand stores,there are relatively small designers of the franchise stores,style alternative tide shop,there are many fine second-hand clothing store.New York’s famous flea market is also in this area.Movie stars and so also like to this Taobao.Here you can see the forefront of the trend dress.Nishimura as the center of New York’s art,music and fashion,with countless bars,restaurants,specialty shops and the old black discs Bleeker Bob’s Record and so on in the meandering streets,Artist’s Washington Square,the park’s picturesque Hudson River Park,the gay parade of the stone walls of the bar.


Brooklyn’s Williamsburg area and the Beijing 798 Art District have the same purpose,and you will need to spend a little time trying to really experience it.And in the weekend to go,there are design market can visit.Is the New York local unnamed designers of heaven and the influx of people gathered.Creative shops,retro garments,local cafe,niche bookstore and traditional restaurants in various countries are dazzling.If you go a little more can find music workers,poetry clubs,libraries,galleries and so on.

Rainier Snow Mountain National Park

Rainier Hill is a covered with more than 91 square kilometers of ice and snow cones live volcano,the mountain year-round snow,the mountains have 26 modern glaciers,the United States has the highest number of glaciers.Under the foothills is a large rolling forest,lakes,waterfalls scattered during the more black bear,deer,wild fox and other wild animals shuttle them.Guests can enjoy cross-country skiing,snowboarding,snowmobiling and snow fights in the mountains throughout the year.Every year from December to March the following year,the park also offers up to 1.2 miles of”snow walk”tour,guests will be guided by professional tour guide through the ice and snow paradise.In the process of walking,the tour guide will also explain in detail the snow-capped mountains in the growth of various types of animal and plant scientific knowledge.

Washington National Botanical Garden

Washington National Botanical Garden is also a good place to go.This is the market will hold the country’s gardening station.Because from the airport very close,often have aircraft coming and going,sitting and watching the plane is also good.

Said so much about New York Washington tourist attractions information,you are not already can not wait to want to preview it?If you are not planning for your trip,you may wish to seek the help of lulutrip travel consultants,under their professional guidance,you will be able to enjoy a pleasant holiday.

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