Niagara Falls is across the United States and Canada border, whether it is from the United States or from Canada seems to be very shocking, but to say that the waterfall side of the lively degree, Canada side is indeed better than the United States life, so, Do you have a friend of Canada’s travel itinerary to join Niagara Falls to your itinerary? Then quickly get this super-full of that Araga Falls Raiders it!
Niagara Falls Tour, Niagara Falls Raiders

To Niagara Falls, no hurry, first to enjoy a IMAX waterfall history big movie how? Up to six-story large screen to tell the story of Niagara Falls hundreds of years ago, three-dimensional play around the sound more people feel immersive, and do not worry about delaying the trip or too long, oh, the audience only 45 minutes, even if the history will not make people feel boring.
After watching the IMAX movie, we can board the Rainbow Tower, if you want to have a life to conquer the Niagara Falls feeling, then I tell you that is now! In the Rainbow Tower, we can 360 degrees overlooking the Niagara Falls, overlooking the ah, where will not be frightened by the waterfall screaming, but also a panoramic view of the waterfall, there is a real “list of small “The sense of pride.

Next, the stimulus came Oh, we have to close contact with Niagara Falls! Sitting in the “mist girl”, approaching the waterfall, raincoat what is completely waste at the moment, but it does not matter, look must be the most shocking point of view, Niagara Falls so you embrace you, you do not want to accept these drops ?
From the ship down their own efforts to climb a block on the path along the cliff in the top, this time, we and Niagara Falls is almost zero distance, the waterfall in our reach, roaring sound from all directions Came, has been divided in the end what the sound is true. At this time, as long as a hand, you can touch the waterfall, like a mighty waterfall on the side and can touch, the moment of excitement I think only everyone can understand.

In fact, Niagara Falls is composed of three waterfalls, “Horseshoe Falls”, “Bride Waterfall”, “American Waterfall”, three waterfalls have it different charm. “Horseshoe Falls” is the biggest feature of its water flow is very large, is the hearts of the orthodox waterfall that some look, “bridal veil” with “horseshoe waterfall” compared to some like a trickle, so Will attract a lot of couples here quietly watching, and the “American Waterfall” is because the waterfall under the sharp rock and more heroic feeling.

There is a real “life once” experience, if the best not to miss, that is, take a helicopter tour of Niagara Falls, if the Rainbow Tower is also overlooking the panoramic view of Niagara Falls, it really far, big Reduced the charm of the waterfall. Take the helicopter is more intuitive, close overlooking the landscape of a magnificent picture. Night, Niagara Falls at night the same wonderful, do not go back early to rest, the color of the lamp, playing in the torrent of waterfall, as if a 4D waterfall in general, nature is amazing, even simple Artificial color, but also in its own changes to re-show a magical scene.

The next day we can go to the Butterfly Greenhouse, in the greenhouse, 45 species, thousands of tropical butterflies dancing among the tropical plants, childhood, whether it is Liang Zhu dream, or Xiangfei dream can come here to achieve Right?

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