Niagara Falls is one of the world’s most stunning natural landscapes. It is between Canada and the United States. Therefore, there are some inevitable problems during the trip. Especially for the first time to play with friends, prepare for Niagara. The Raiders of the Great Falls is absolutely necessary, and will give you a step-by-step introduction, showing you the wonders of the American continent.

Niagara Falls Raiders line recommended

First of all: 6-day tour of the classic Niagara Falls tour on the East Coast of the United States: New York → Philadelphia → Washington → Niagara Falls → Boston → Harvard

Niagara Falls must-see attractions

Rainbow bridge

As the waterfall spans Canada and the United States, a border bridge is built on the Niagara River, also known as the Rainbow Bridge, which is shared by the United States and Canada. Both sides of the bridge have their own customs. The bridge is also divided according to the Hanoi border. One end belongs to Canada and one end belongs to the United States.

At Niagara Falls, in order to allow visitors to fully enjoy the waterfalls and see the majestic waterfalls, a variety of activities are prepared here. Among them, the most famous is the sightseeing trip on the Niagara River. The boat dock is on the front of the American Falls. After the ticket is purchased, you first take the cable car to the river and then each person will receive a raincoat on the ticket. The cruise first passed through the American Falls and then to the Canadian Falls. Here, you can really feel the huge water vapor and spray generated by the waterfalls. The water is full of thunder and shock. The cruise ship is slightly close to the waterfall and the ship is swept away by the waves of falling water. It is not so much for watching the waterfall as seeing the waterfall. It is better to experience the waterfall and the boat shuttles through the thousands of layers of water vapor that the waterfall provoked. It looks like a girl in the fog.

Skylon Tower

In addition, in order to allow tourists to “look long and wide,” watching the panoramic view of Niagara Falls, there are several high towers in Canada not far from the waterfall. One of them is the Skylon Tower (5200 Robinson Street), which means “sky tower” and is the tallest tower in Canada’s CP hotel system, reaching 160 meters. The elevator to the observation deck on the top of the tower is half-enclosed with glass, allowing you to enjoy the scenery as the elevator moves up and down. There are theatres and game places in Tali, and the revolving restaurant is on the top floor. Niagara Falls looks magnificent in the daytime, and it is another sight after the night, especially when you look out from the top of the tower. There are lots of colorful lights everywhere. On the Canadian side, Niagara Falls is also illuminated with various colors of light, so the waterfall scene is more colorful than during the day.

Another must-see destination for visiting Niagara Falls is the “Journey Behind the Falls” in Canada. This is an excellent view point that was converted by the Sinaic Tunnel to enjoy Niagara Falls. Bring a yellow cloak at the entrance to the Table Rock House, then take the elevator down to the ground and follow two long tunnels to the prominent platform to admire the side of the Canadian Falls! In this place where you can reach the waterfalls, the majestic waterfalls are just a stone’s throw away from tourists, and the waterfalls are magnificent and spectacular.

Niagara Flower Clock

The site of Niagara Falls is a small city with a population of more than 100,000, City of Niagara Falls. The city is based on tourism. There are restaurants and hotels everywhere, and there are countless shops selling souvenirs. Most of the souvenirs are Niagara Falls and Canadian National Emblem – Maple Leaf as the background or pattern, such as the maple leaf model made of silver, such as the seal, etc., a wide variety of types.

Due to the abundant water and strong impact of Niagara Falls, the Ontario government has set up a large hydroelectric power station here. There is a huge “flower clock” on the slope not far from the power station. The area is 345 square meters. The clock face is made up of 25,000 kinds of flower plants. The design patterns of flowers are different each year and are the favorite attractions for tourists taking photographs. The hour, minute, and second hands made of thick steel bars are propelled by the electricity delivered by the hydroelectric plant and they are punctuated every hour. In the Lilac Garden near the flower clock, during the Spring and Summer season, flowers are blooming and colorful, and the garden is covered with a colorful carpet of flowers.

Niagara Falls Must Play Project

The most classic way – ride the Maid of the Mist

The Maid-of-the-Mist is a viewing cruise of Niagara Falls. The cruise departed from the calm waters near the Rainbow Bridge near the U.S.-Canadian border, approached the waterfalls of the “America Falls” and “Brides Veil Falls” of the Great Falls, and finally reached the Horseshoe Bay Falls with the most rapid water flow and the most abundant water.

Put on a plastic raincoat and follow the boat into the whirlpool. Leave the spray on your face and you will come to the heart of Niagara Falls.

The most recent way – Wind Tunnel Tour

The Cave of the Winds, which is definitely the closest thing to the experience of the Great Falls in all the play styles. You will walk along the path along the cliff to the waterfall below the waterfall and look up at the waterfall. All wet. But this life may have only one experience, so don’t hesitate!

Wind Tunnel Tour

Replace the commemorative custom sandals and a bright yellow raincoat that comes with the ticket, and the staff will then arrange for you to take a 175-foot (53-meter) deep Niagara Valley elevator down to the bottom of the waterfall. When the elevator arrives and the door is not yet open, you can hear the thundering deafening waterfall sounding over and over the eardrum. A series of wooden walkways along the famous “Hurricane Deck” allow you to personally experience the thundering of a waterfall that flows down to three thousand feet.

The most expressive way – by helicopter

Take a 6-seat helicopter and fly over all major attractions in the Niagara region. However, the most shocking moment is when the helicopter soars in the sky when the rainbow is captured over the Horseshoe Falls.
In the beautiful scenery, calm down, let us go to this pure and beautiful natural landscape, and this Niagara Falls Raiders, walk in the magnificent world wonders!

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